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  • Enables you to use a longer than 1 second ghost car.
    • Every point above 50 driving skill lets you increase the long ghost slider by 0.04 sec.
  • Increases the accuracy of your ghost car.
  • Better acceleration.
    • The acceleration of a driver with 200+ skill and no jumpstart is compareable to a lower skilled driver with jumpstart.
  • Slightly helps you on the physics calcs. (A higher skill driver will have a more accurate ghost car and better inherent control of your car.)
  • Reduces tire damage taken when oversteering on tarmac.
  • Better grip and more responsive handling overall?


Driving has 7 specialisms, some of which are shared with Trucker and Cyclist.


Jumpstart increases your acceleration in the first 2 turns of any event.

Even though it's only used at the very beginning it's a very popular driving specialism because it can completely negate the effects of an unlucky starting position against opponents who don't have jumpstart. Recommended on your main driver.

Defensive Driver

Ability to make your vehicle hard to shoot while it is moving at speed

Offensive Driver

Increased collision damage to your opponents.

Reload In Motion

Ability to reload a weapon while driving. The speed at which you can drive while reloading increases with higher levels[1].

Level MPH Limit
Level 0 (no specialism) <9
Level 1 <31.5
Level 2 <54
Level 3 <76.5

Death Racer

Negates the penalty to gunnery if your driver is also manning weapons.


Ability to gain more of a speed boost than normal when slipstreaming or drafting

Mine Layer

Ability to deploy mines and spikes at high speed with less inherited velocity


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