Gateway Truck Stop

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Established: 2041

Gateway Truck Stop is situated on the edge of the safe northern region, and operates in competition with the older Badlands Truck Stop as a stop-off point for hauliers and traders. Indeed some specialist traders spend their time 'running the gauntlet' between the two truck stops, through the most dangerous bandit territory on the continent. Many of the bandit gangs have set up their camps around this area, and some of the vigilante groups in Elmsfield and Somerset offer bounties on their heads.


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Gateway Truck Stop is the first town south of Somerset. Several new and improved chassis are available here, as well as a couple of weapons that will increase the diversity of your arsenal, provided you haven't already acquired them from other players at the auction house or from loot. Regardless, it's nice to have access to a more reliable source.

The terrain around Gateway Truck Stop is << NEEDS ADDING >>

NPC Mechanic Shop

The Weapon Bunker at Gateway Truck Stop typically has (unless sold out) the following available:

Everything sold in Somerset, plus:

  • Chassis: Off-Road Buggy, Landrunner, Phoenix, Sonic, Box Van, Spirit, Voyager, Windsor II
  • Engines: Nothing new
  • Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Car Rifle