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Bulk 40
Ammo Infinite
Damage Medium (2/7)
Close Accuracy Quite Poor (3/8)
Ranged Accuracy Excellent (7/8)
Category Targeted
Skill Gunnery

This baby isn't only deadly, it has no recoil and no need for ammo. The only drawbacks of this gun are the price and weight, and it's also rare so might be hard to get fixed up when it's damaged.

A very high price and a very heavy weight means your car may be more expensive and slower but no recoil and unlimited ammo are a fair trade off.

The damage of lasers decreases with every shot if used frequently so it's a good idea to let it recharge for a few turns every so often. The amount of damage lost per shot is decreased if the Gunner has the Laserfire specialism.

Note that lasers cannot fire through water, smoke or paint. All these will block the laser completely.