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The mechanic skill is a passive skill that:

  • Decreases the time it takes to repair the armor of your vehicles in town -- this has not been verified
  • Reduces the cost of repairing your vehicles in town
  • Increases the amount of car parts found in loot
  • Gives a slight chance to repair destroyed engines after combat ends.
    • Jury-Rigged or otherwise repaired engines are usually at very low health!
  • Increases chances of stripped weapons off unsalvageable vehicles spawning in the loot.

It seems that only the skill of your highest mechanic counts for most of the things mechanics can improve - having an army of mechanics doesn't grant you more looted car parts or faster repair times than having a single good mechanic.

Mechanics in the Wilderness

At the end of a successful wilderness event the skill of the best mechanic is the main factor in determining salvage. However, if he/she has less than 3 helpers (who don't need any mech skill) then their ability to work effectively is reduced.

In terms of training, the best mechanic gets most, but the best mechanic from each other gang also gets training.

Mechanics & Camps

Mechanics in player-owned camps allow the manufacturing of weapons and chassis, and they are the only way to repair vehicles stationed in the camp since there aren't any town mechanics available.


The mechanic skill currently has 3 specialisms.

Engine Tuning

Improves the engine output of vehicles you own in events.

Doesn't apply to stock cars.

Applies to all races/deathraces/timetrials (and possibly wilderness) in the town that your mechanic is in

Jury Rigging

Increases chances of repairing broken engines in scouts.

The Jury rigger must to be present in the squad to get the bonus.


Increases the amount of car parts found in loot, the effect seems minor.

The salvager must to be present in the squad to get the bonus.