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Rarity Extremely Common
Cost Very Cheap
Toughness Strong
Weight 765
Total Capacity 90
Engine Capacity 20 (1L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 24 (1.2L)
Max Armor 60
Max Armor Per Side 15
Seats 4 (Only 3 possible)
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Suzuki Alto (2nd Generation)


This car is slightly underpowered and a bit top heavy.

In League Races it performs nicely. In other races and arenas it will make you pay if you dont know what you're doing!

Wilderness combats can be won...........if you can keep from turtling! (ending upside down)

Not a LOT of room for weapons, but you can armor this one up and put one MG and a gunner in it. This might help you out.

Death Race Designs[edit]

Race Designs[edit]

Wilderness Designs[edit]