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The player-supported wiki for Darkwind: War on Wheels[edit]

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Darkwind: War on Wheels[edit]

Darkwind is a turn-based, 3D persistent-world, multiplayer wargame set in the near future, which combines the depth of detail inherent in turn-based games, with long-term strategic elements that keep the challenge going for months/years.

New players may be interested in these pages[edit]

New Player Startup New Player List of Topics


Owned by either players or NPCs, gangs are made up of individual characters. You can find useful info all about their various skills, abilities and specialisms, and how they function as pedestrians when not in a vehicle.

A level up from gangs are camps, which are usually operated by several gangs working together. Camps can manufacture various equipment.


Browse the full table of chassis and the various types engines, weapons and tires. Find out the real world equivalents of most of the chassis. Also you can get an overview of what vehicle designs the NPC's use and what's preferred by other players.


Read In-depth guides on various topics from experienced players. Beginners might be interested in the New Player Startup guide, as well as the How to Drive and How to Use Weapons guides. Fresh subscribers should definitely read the Initial Scout Guide before leaving town. If you want to lead a scout squad yourself, give the Scout Leading Guide a try.


More technical things such as chat commands and keyboard commands and info on various game mechanics. Also, some information on how much of a time commitment the game requires.


Darkwind takes place in an interesting, post-apocalyptic environment and all sorts of strange creatures lurk the wastelands between towns which could make travel even more dangerous because of risky encounters.

The towns are each home to several vehicular combat arenas and racing tracks where various deadly events are hosted.

There are various different Regionsacross Evan and around the towns where your wilderness encounters could and will happen. Take a Grand Tour around the various places that you will come across.

User Contributions

If you feel like creating new content for Darkwind, there are tutorials on using the Mission Builder, and on converting new vehicles.

Darkwind: Tactical Info

Darkwind: Scavenger Info