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These events take the combat aspects of Death Races even further. Combats are much deadlier, as there is little opportunity to avoid enemies, so enter with caution. However, combats are most similar to wilderness scouts and an excellent means to learn crucial skills such as protecting and attacking weak armor.

Arena combats are usually divided into two teams, red and blue. Some events randomise team placement, others are 'nominated' and allow players to select their team. Events typically allow each gang to enter two vehicles. Both this and team selection are only available via the web interface, in Gameplay -> Events Diary, or the "Webpage" button on the client registration dialog.

The basic goals are to score points and force all vehicles on the other team to resign. Points are awarded two ways:

  • Damage enemy vehicles. Points scale according to the damage done, whether by weapons fire or collision. Note that friendly fire will cause a point deduction!
    • Points are based on damage scored divided by your own CR. [1]
  • Cross the lap posts. Progressive points are awarded for each time a vehicle crosses these posts, which are just like the lap posts in Race and Death Race events. The vehicle must cycle through the posts, circling the same one will only award points once. The first award is 400 points, then 800, 1200, and finally 1600 points for all further laps.


If your gangers are in danger, don't hesitate to resign! Your vehicle will retain its points earned and collect any event prize according to its final standing. It's even possible to roll across lap posts after resigning and collect more points, provided other vehicles on your team are still active.

If all vehicles on a team resign, the event is over each active vehicle on the winning team is awarded a 50% point bonus. However, the losing team's vehicles retain their points and collect prizes due. A standout on a losing team can even take the first prize.

Damaging an enemy vehicle that has resigned will earn no points. Save your ammo for the active opponents!

If you resign, as in any event, it is usually very important to stop firing. You may have "repeat fire" orders in place with a currently out of sight target, or a temporarily stunned gunner. When those conditions change, your gang will resume the ordered attacks. You may be able to convince a human opponent that this was unintended, but NPCs are far less reasonable and will often relentlessly retaliate.