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Player-owned camps are one of the more involved aspects of Darkwind. Generally speaking they require a much more long-term outlook, and incorporate a lot of logistic and strategic play not directly related to the 'cars with guns' play that is most of the game.

Camp Features[edit]

Camps have the following characteristics and capabilities:


One player has overall ownership of a camp. Other players request to join the camp, and can be rejected, accepted as associate members, or accepted as full members. The owner can demote or kick out other players (kicking them out takes a week though, giving them time to evacuate their stuff).

There a couple of ways to become the owner of a camp:

  • Buy an existing camp
  • Request a new camp

Buying an existing camp[edit]

This is the easiest way to become a camp owner, because often times all of the 'hard' work has already been done, and the camp is already producing goods for sale or use.

Request a new camp[edit]

There is no longer a survey and auction system in place.

To find pricing vs. camp size vs. proximity to town, refer to the forums, or click here.

To request a camp, send a PM to *Sam* and CC *The X Man*.


There are two types of camp members: Full and Associate

  • Full Members have access to all camp features: Market, Tavern, Mechanic, Message Board, and pooled resources. In addition, they are able to see all of the camp details: stock levels, and manufacturing and mechanic information.
  • Associate Members have access to the Market and Tavern only.

Hours of Operation[edit]

The camp owner decides which hours the camp will be operating, in a 24-hour period. This is set 2 days in advance. The more hours it is open, the more effective the factories and extraction plants will be, but also the more time you will need to be willing to defend the camp from attack.

Local Resources and Extraction[edit]

Each camp has a rating describing how abundant local resources are, ranging from excellent to none. Near Somerset, there will tend to be excellent food resources and reasonable water resources, for example. Near Texan there will be excellent fuel resources. These resources determine how effective extraction facilities or crop fields will be, if used in this camp. Extraction facilities produce fuel, water, food, and car parts.

For instance, in the example here:

Local Resources:

  • Water: low
  • Food: good
  • Fuel: none
  • Metals: none
  • Stone: none

There are no resources for Fuel or Metals(Car Parts). There will never be an option to build an extractor for these materials in this example. However, You can build a Pumpkin Field for Food production using up to 5 NPC workers to produce food at a 'good' rate. (Approximately 100 units of food per day with 5 workers.) You can build a stone plant and extract stone to construct buildings to effect repairs with. You can also build a Water Tower and drill for water using 5 workers to produce water at a 'low' rate. (Approximately 30 to 50 units of water with 5 workers)

Other camps can have production rates of Excellent, good, poor or none in ANY of the local resources available at the current camp site. In the case of 'excellent' local resource recovery, you can expect upwards of 200 to 400 units PER DAY using your NPC workers!... VERY lucrative!


Various types of camp buildings exist: houses, lockups, extraction plants for fuel, water, and metals, crop fields, factories, mechanic shops. Buildings are bought and placed by the camp owner on an overhead graphical view on the website. They typically take several days and quite a bit of DW-cash to build. The placement of the buildings will be replicated in the 3D game when you have a combat there.

Buildings each require a specific amount of Upkeep. The amount of upkeep a camp has available is based on the Camp Fame X 100. Example, if Fame is 348 then the amount of Building Upkeep the camp can support is a maximum of 34800.

Upkeep costs are the same for all camps, and they are simply a linear calculation based on % activity.

The amounts listed in the table below are per week and are based on the building running at 100%.

Building Upkeep Cost
Mechanic Shop 3000
House 750
Lockup Building 500
Water Plant 1000
Oil Plant 2000
Factory 12000
Pumpkin Field 250
Metals Plant 3000
Stone Plant 1000
Plastics Plant 2000


Each mechanic building can facilitate 4 mechanic characters. So if you have say two mechanic buildings, the best 8 mechanics in the camp will automatically use them. The number of mechanics and their skill levels determines two things: (1) how much work they can do in each 24 hour period, and (2) the camp’s overall mechanic rating which determines which items the camp can repair or manufacture. Rare weapons for example will require a high mechanic rating to produce, and a badly damaged rare weapon will require a high mechanic rating to fix. The camp maintains a public supply of member usable goods like fuel, scrap metal, electronics and car parts. This is controlled directly by the camp owner. When any camp member wants to refuel or get mechanic work done, it is this public supply that must be well-stocked enough to facilitate it. There must also be adequate mechanic workload available to do a piece of work.

The mechanic workload rating of a camp also determines how much total CR of cars can be housed there. If there are more cars than this, they will start to take damage due to being inadequately protected from the weather and inadequately worked on for maintenance.

ALL work done by the mechs in camp cost nothing! ie: in Somerset, you are charged to repair your armor and chassis components. In a camp that you are a member of, it will not cost you anything!

The mechanic characters belonging to non-subscribers cannot work in the mechanic shops of a camp. This prevents older camps getting filled up with high-skill mechanics belonging to players who really aren't taking part in the game any more

Camp Owner’s Stock[edit]

The trade goods stock (fuel, car parts, water, food) in the camp owner’s lockup is known by all camp members (although they cannot access it). This is because all payment and all production is fed through the camp owner’s lockup: it is up to him to negotiate with the other camp members how much they must pay him and how much he must pay them or which manufactured goods they should get.


Every camp member (associate and full) gets the use of a lockup. However, if the total bulk of goods in all lockups exceeds the amount of space available in Lockup buildings, some of the stuff will start to take damage due to lying out in the radioactive rain. The amount of bulk used by each member’s lockup is shown publicly to all camp members. So you can bitch at each other when your stuff starts to rust

Pooled Resources[edit]

Full members can flag any vehicle and character that they own as ‘pooled’. These vehicles/characters are then available for other full members to use in their squads.

These pooled gangers should be used for camp defense ONLY! If you have a pooled member in your car when you travel out of camp to another town, (like a 'taxi mission'), the pooled ganger will be dropped off when you arrive in town removing them from your car.

Pooling gangers and cars should NOT be done unless the camp is in imminent danger of attack. Only then will the defender of the camp be able to access the extra member capabilities your pooled gangers offer.

Pooled member resources should be monitored closely by camp owners because of possible 'spy' activities in camp. If an active spy were to make a squad in camp and add all of the pooled cars and gangers to it, they could then leave camp just as another enemy player sends his attack squad, the camp under attack would suffer BADLY because of the missing combat crews and cars.


Factories are used to manufacture chassis, tyres, weapons, ammunition and engines. It costs $ and time to reconfigure a factory to make a different type of item. The items that can be made are determined by the mechanic rating of the camp.

Mechanic Rating[edit]

The MR of a camp is determined by the number of mechs at the camp and their skill. Only 4 mechanics may work at a camp for every mechanic shop that it has. . Camp MR gains and manufacturing boosts from being in 'open PvP' mode will come from actually doing PvP rather than from simply being open to it.

NPC Workers[edit]

Oil plants, water plants, crop fields, factories and metals plants all require NPC workers. To get these workers, the camp owner must ensure that there is adequate housing, food and water available on a daily basis. Each NPC worker also must be paid $10 per day. A large camp would probably have no more than 100 or 200 NPC workers in it. A small one could have as little as 20 or 30. Player characters are also fed in the camp, and will have no weekly food/water fee while staying there.

Message Board and other Info[edit]

Each camp has a private message board, for discussion/planning. There is also financial and production information made available so all full members are aware of how much stuff is being manufactured and how much profit/loss the camp owner is making.


It is free to list stuff for sale in a camp marketplace. The marketplace is available to full and associate members of the camp.

Fame Gains for Camps[edit]

Fame is the fuel that makes camps go. It's needed for building upkeep and for larger camps is the limiting factor on how many buildings you can operate at once. Smaller camps are limited by footprint and usually have more fame than they can use. Camps can add fame in many ways.

Each camp is assigned a "Base Fame". This number isn't listed anywhere but when a camp is new or hasn't been scouted towards in a while a camp will be at it's base fame. This can be brought up 150% to reach your max unmodified fame by scouting towards your camp from other locations.

Annually there are Sponsorship auctions that bring fame to camps if you are the high bidder. Fame gains from this last for the following game year. Auctions occur at the end of the game year and will be found in Dexter's Bar in Somerset. The fame gains for those auctions is as follows

Combat - 450 Fame

Deathrace - 375 Fame

Race - 300 Fame

Paintball - 200 Fame

Semi-Pro - 375 Fame

Fame is also possible to earn through winning some Leagues on an annual basis.

Somerset Winter Warmup League 1st: 10 fame 2nd: 7 fame 3rd: 5 fame

Circuit of Evan Wilderness Rally I League 1st: 40 fame 2nd: 25 fame 3rd: 15 fame

Circuit of Evan Wilderness Rally II League 1st: 50 fame 2nd: 35 fame 3rd: 20 fame

Circuit of Evan Rally III League 1st: 30 fame 2nd: 20 fame 3rd: 10 fame

Somerset Spring Challenge League 1st: 10% production boost 2nd: 7% production boost 3rd: 5% production boost

Elmsfield Summer Classic League 1st: 5% production boost 2nd: 3% production boost 3rd: 1% production boost

Elmsfield Two Guineas League 1st: 15 fame 2nd: 10 fame 3rd: 5 fame

Gateway Autumn Extravaganza League 1st: 10% production boost 2nd: 7% production boost 3rd: 5% production boost

Gateway Winter Meltdown League 1st: 15 fame 2nd: 10 fame 3rd: 5 fame

Camp Wars[edit]

Each player is only allowed to be owner of one camp that's open for PvP. They can own other camps as long as these are closed for PvP, one exception being that each camp may only have one "tiny camp." A camp's PvP flag can be turned on only during the 2nd week of the two-week camp wars cycle. Note that closing for pvp will mean you lose all hextiles apart from the one your camp is on. It takes 7 days for the close to take effect. If the camp has hextile battles scheduled when it closes, it will lose these battles.

Auto wins occur when one camp's CR is more than 4 times his opponents CR (4 to 1). It should be noted that there will NEVER be an AUTOWIN when a Direct Camp Attack is involved. These must always be fought/conceded.

A camp can deploy late CR (reserve). This can only be done during week 2 of the 2 week Camp Wars cycle, and must be done at least 24 hours before the combat. It cannot be more than 10% of the camp's initial total CR.

A camp can concede a battle without penalty up to 12 hours before the scheduled time.

Failure to not set a squad/show for a battle will result in a significant fame loss for the camp AND result in CR reduction for this camp's other fights.

  • A Special note when deploying to a neutral hex where another gang is also deploying to that same hex: The game engine will randomly pick a "defending" gang for the potential battle. If the other "attacking" gang does not deploy at least 250 cr to that hex, the randomly chosen "defending" gang will automatically win that hex with no scheduled battle.

Gangs can deploy both "slow" cr vehicles and "fast" cr vehicles. A list of each is documented below -










Offroad Buggy














Royal Eaton




Semi Tractor




Big Pickup

Windsor II



Two Axle Lorry


Carrier Van








Box Van

Trash Truck








Fire Engine




Direct Camp Attacks -

Direct camp attacks (whereas another camp attacks the actual tile your camp is located on) are very significant. It is a good idea to defend your camp at all costs from a direct camp attack. If you fail to show up for a direct camp attack defense, your buildings will take significant damage and you will lose a random amount of vehicles, engines, and guns out of your camp. If you defend a direct camp attack, and successfully defend, you will lose nothing, your buildings will not suffer damage, and as a result of the battle, you can potentially receive a significant fame and productions boost. If you defend a camp attack and lose, your buildings will be damaged, you will lose a random amount of vehicles, weapons, and engines, and potentially lose fame and production boosts. Your building damage will not be as severe as if you did not show, however. If you lose a direct camp attack defense via the “King of the Hill” rules, all of the previous stated loses will also occur. *** It is very important to note that in a direct camp attack that potential lootable vehicles will come from a loot pool consisting of the following : any vehicles stored at camp, any vehicles located in a camp wars squad (specific to this particular camp) … even squads that were not involved in the battle, AND any cars used in the actual battle, regardless of if they escaped or did not demo (via a King of the Hill loss). A camp owner can concede a direct camp attack defense like any other tile attack, with all of the aforementioned losses still happening minus any losses of fame and productivity gain (and off course alleviating fighting a losing defense battle and potentially getting gangers killed and vehicles lost in the battle itself.) As stated above, it should be noted that there will NEVER be an AUTOWIN when a Direct Camp Attack is involved. These must always be fought/conceded. When a camp owner concedes a direct camp attack, fame losses will occur at the moment of the concede while building damage will occur at the time of the previously scheduled attack itself.

The Camp Wars Evan Map is completely wiped every 2 game years, allowing for everyone to have a equal opportunity to join in the camp wars system. The wipe will occur shortly after the last weekly reset of the second game year (2 days before the actual year end on the weekend).

Camp Owner's who own two Open Pvp camps whereas one of the camps is not set to close, upon daily reset will have one of these camps randomly close. Additionally to be Open Pvp, camp owners must be premium members. If their sub ends and they do not close their camp to Open Pvp, it will close in two weeks time if they do not re-sub.

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