Car Cannon

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Bulk 60
Ammo 10
Damage Very high (6/7)
Close Accuracy Good (5/8)
Ranged Accuracy Reasonable (4/8)
Category Targeted
Skill Large Guns

This weapon can be best described as a single 40mm Bofors cannon mounted in a vehicle chassis.

The damage effect caused by this weapon will be DEVASTATING. No armor can withstand more than a few hits from these high-speed projectiles. Although it's slightly worse at killing soft targets it'll make short work of anyone inside the car as well in just a few turns/seconds, but it's best to save the limited shots you have for stripping away the armor of your enemies and use other weapons such as the Flechette Gun or Vehicular Shotgun to finish the job. (Ammo is limited to just 10 rounds per magazine, and it also has a long reload time.) So, some care and cunning Combat Driving tactics will help when you plan on reloading this Rifled Killer!

Extremely expensive, rare and sought after, despite being bulky to mount on only the larger cars available. The high recoil will shake even the heaviest of chassis so take care what you mount it on.