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These commands work on MAC OSX and PC. After the prompt and the command you must put a space AFTER the command to activate it like this. (/r this is a reply) (/me waves to my friend)

  • /reply or /r - Reply to the sender of the most recent instant message you've received
  • /me [Your Emote Here] - Emote command - follow /me with whatever you want to emote and it will appear in the chat window as '<Your Username> <whatever your emote was>'
  • /afk - Set yourself as Away From Keyboard - sending any chat message when you are set as AFK will automatically clear the AFK flag
  • /im [NameOfPerson]/ [Your Message Here] - send a message to the person, note that the / at the end is necessary because of spaces in usernames.
  • /mim [Your Message Here] - send a message to all Marshals in the lobby.
  • /sct - flag yourself as wanting to join or run a scouting event.