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Outline for development (all wiki admins can add):

  • The AI will control vehicles as long as they have a Driver + Gunners in them (unless a player takes control)
  • Currently the AI is set to the Trader AI script so it always runs away
  • Hopefully one day Sam will add an option to the right-click menu of each vehicle to select from the various AI scripts that exist in the game.
  • If you want to play against the AI, then once you are in the event you can press space to start immediately rather than waiting for the timer to count down.
  • If you have Drivers + Gunners on your team and you add an empty car on the opposing team, you can drive your cars around as long as you want without distractions. The event ends when you shoot the empty car to bits. This can be useful for comparing how different vehicle configurations handle on various terrain. Important note: If you only take cars without weapons you'll have no way to end the event.
  • Currently there is no way to edit event Templates
  • Currently there is no way to use Armor Grades "A" or "C". Only grade "B" is available.
  • Be careful when adding Gangers. It currently does not allow you to change them once you've added them (other than deleting the vehicle and starting over).
  • Be careful when adding tires. It currently does not allow you to change them once you've added them (other than deleting the vehicle and starting over).
  • Note that the Gangers you add are not saved with the vehicle configuration. Pre-designed vehicles are placed with no crew.

From Psychic Software:

Darkwind:Tactical provides player-defined wilderness combats using predefined vehicles and characters.

DW:Tactical is 'just for fun' and has no impact on the Evan game-world. This makes it ideal for scheduled multiplayer PvP play and for those players who prefer to be able to play combats without needing to build up their own resources in a persistent game-world.

You get to choose the map, the precise vehicle configurations and characters involved. You can also set a time/date and password for your event so that only invited people can participate.

It can also be used to give car designs a little field testing before you actually buy them without putting your gangers at risk.

Darkwind: Tactical (DW:T) is a way to play the wargame aspects of Darkwind: War on Wheels without having to worry about the gang management aspects of DW.

The event creator can set the following:

  • Map to play on
  • Number of cars each player can control
  • Design of the cars each player can control
  • Start position of vehicles
  • Start speed of vehicles

Event templates can be saved which include all of the above information. Similarly, car designs can be saved for use in other player's events.


Click on the Darkwind: Tactical button from the Darkwind Client (not the web page).

When creating an event from scratch, after setting the various names (Event/Combat, Teams, Description), and deciding if the design will be a template or an immediate event, click the 'Launch Empty Map' button.

On the blank map you may place the vehicles for each team, and set their start speeds. After placing a vehicle you can then configure the vehicle with weapons, armor, and occupants.

When placing vehicles you are given the option to use saved vehicles, or start from scratch.

After joining an event, you can right-click any vehicle on your team, and if it is unassigned you will be able to take control of it.