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The engine is the main factor in a car's acceleration. (duh!)

These are the engines available in Darkwind and their bulk:

Engine Bulk Weight
0.6L 10 200
1L 20 350
1.2L 24 420
1.6L 30 500
1.8L 35 550
2L 38 625
2L Rotary 38 625
2.5L 55 825
3L Rotary 60 1000
3.2L 60 1000
3.2L V8 65 1000
4L 75 1250
5L 95 1600
5L V8 100 1600
5L V12 105 1650
7L 135 2250
7L V12 145 2350
8L 155 2600
9.4L 185 3075

Engine Comparison

  • An exposed engine will only take up as much bulk as the engine bay can hold. The excess bulk is exposed and therefore doesn't deduct from the chassis' available bulk/capacity.
  • Rotary engines are substantially tougher, and slightly more powerful, than their non-rotary counterparts. They aren't as good as a V8 or V12 though, which is expected given their lower bulk.
  • The 0.6L, the 3.2L V8, the 5L, and larger are rarely available from NPC vendors. They can still be acquired as loot or produced in player-operated camps. Rotary engines are typically camp-produced, but, do rarely spawn in the Wilderness.
  • The general consensus from the community is that the 3.2L V8 and the 4L are roughly equivalent in terms of power, but the 3.2L V8 is smaller and lighter.