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The environment following the Solar Event is extremely hazardous for the people and equipment of Evan.

As of 08FEB08 these effects are no longer live, although they may return. Characters may still get radiation sickness if they have to walk home (from a failed scout, for instance).

A Solar Event is occurring when the Aurora is visible on the horizon of an encounter. This is a result of high levels of solar radiation interacting with the Earth's magnetic field, and appears as a row of colorful vertical bars of light.

Unfiltered solar winds have the following effects:

  • Increased frequency of electronic components failing. Weapons with electronics will malfunction frequently (even when weapons show 100% health).
    • Rockets, missiles, and lasers
  • Periods of high solar activity may coincide with low pirate activity, making them prime time for Travel and Trade.
  • Radiation sickness as an added consequence of being wounded in combat
    • Also possibly for no apparent reason other than being out.
    • Effect has no heal ETA. Can be treated in a hospital.

FIXME these are new effects so if you encounter others please post them

FIXME these effects may be related to the color of the aurora in the event...may need to start paying attention to it.

2/6/08: SS Scout. Green Aurora. No Functioning Rocket Based Weaponry. (AADA:LA and Division 5)