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Factions are your gangs primary means of finding allies and enemies in Evan. The numerically largest factions, in terms of players, are the Civs and the Merchants. They are the factions friendly to the starting area, and most players scouting in Somerset will scout against the enemies of the Civs and Merchants, making them the easiest factions to join. Every gang in Evan, even the faction-less renegade player gangs, will have relationships with all of the factions. These relationships are primary caused by scouting against a factions enemies, though doing missions for a faction or using Hero Points from the reputation page can also affect your standings with the various factions.

Every issue of the Darkwind Gazette will have a political update that outlines the dynamic relationships between the factions, and may cause some of the information on this page to become out of date.

Factions and Gang Membership[edit]

The membership makeup of your gang will also have an effect on your Reputation with the various factions.

  • Having high rep with mutant factions will boost the percentage of your gang that can be mutants, having a low rep with them will reduce this percentage
  • Having mutants in your gang will reduce your rep. with factions that hate mutants and increase your rep. with the mutant faction(s)
  • You must have Respected reputation with a particular faction in order to change to that faction.

Major Factions[edit]

The Civs[edit]

This influential faction represents the civilised Northern towns of Somerset and Elmsfield: their militia and traders, farmers, as well as some smaller southern traders. Civs have their chance of trucing with negotiator skill improved. Unable to recruit Mutants.

Friendly Enemy
Merchants like Anarchists dislike
Death Race Mafia like Mutants hate
Slavers hate
Raiders hate


This strong faction incorporates most of the wealthy interests in Evan: the larger southern trader gangs, most of the bountyhunters and some southern pirates. Also the Sarsfield, Texan and Gateway militia. Merchants get better buy rates with NPCs with bulk goods.

Friendly Enemy
Civs ally Slavers dislike
Death Race Mafia like Evan Reds dislike
Badlands Truckstop neutral+ Mutants dislike
Anarchists hate
Privateers hate


Previously all pirates in Darkwind were in one faction, the Anarchists. They now exist in three separate factions, split mainly by geographic region.


The Raiders are the most heavily hunted pirate faction, being the pirates that are most common around Somerset where the majority of player reside. As of yet there is no bonus for being a member. They are located in northern Evan (SS, Elms, GW)

Friendly Enemy
Anarchists neutral+ Privateers distrust
Slavers neutral+ Civs dislike
Badlands Truckstop neutral+ Merchants hate


This large faction is essentially a loosely organised group who share common interests. This faction is from central/western Evan(BL, FL, MG). Anarchists get a recruiting bonus in FL. Gate fees are higher than normal in all other towns.

Friendly Enemy
Raiders neutral+ Civs distrust
Privateers neutral+ Merchants hate
Slavers neutral+
Badlands Truckstop neutral+


The Privateers are the the pirates that run in south/eastern Evan. (SV, TX, SF).

Friendly Enemy
Anarchists neutral+ Raiders distrust
Slavers neutral+ Merchants dislike
Badlands Truckstop neutral+

Minor Factions[edit]


This minor faction represents the shared view of all 'muties' and their general distrust or outright hatred of the larger `norm` factions. Mutants receive a training bonus to gangers who are training psionics, increased chance of recruiting mutants. (Slightly) increased Gate Fees in all towns except Shanty.

Friendly Enemy
Slavers neutral+ Badlands Truckstop distrust
Raiders distrust
Privateers distrust
Merchants dislike
Civs hate


A minor sub-faction of the anarchists, this group is particularly at odds with the law-abiding and civilised interests. Slavers are immune to having your gangers enslaved and becoming gladiators (even when losing battles with non-slaver pirate gangs). Penalty to recruiting in SS,Elms,GW. Higher gates fees in SS,Elms,GW

Friendly Enemy
Mutants neutral+ Merchants distrust
Civs dislike
Evan Reds dislike

Badlands Truckstop[edit]

Badlands Truckstop operates as an isolated city-state in the middle of the wastes in central Evan. It trusts no-one in particular and looks after itself. BL Truckstop faction benefit is reduced gate fees at both truckstops

Friendly Enemy
Merchants neutral+ Slavers distrust
Evan Reds neutral+ Mutants dislike


Likely to be a strongly independent outpost, but not implemented yet, so no telling.

The Death Race Mafia[edit]

An economically powerful yet numerically small faction who control the Death Racing circuit, strongly aligned with the Merchants. Death Race Mafia's faction benefit is you sometimes find your car has been provisioned with reloads in an arena combat, and/or with a tuned-up engine in stock town events generally.

Friendly Enemy
Merchants ally Anarchists distrust
Civs like Privateers distrust
Evan Reds distrust
Mutants distrust
Slavers distrust
Raiders distrust

Evan Reds[edit]

A left-wing faction who believe that the New Order does not have to be capitalist and that equality is achievable. Reds characters wages are lower than normal. Worse buy rates with NPCs bulk goods.

Friendly Enemy
Badlands Truckstop neutral+ Slavers hate
Death Race Mafia hate
Merchants hate

No Faction[edit]

Various Arena Gangs Your gang will have specific reputation with selected arena gangs and death racing gangs. These will usually be neutral, but these gangs can dislike you and target you specifically in a combat/death race. Alternatively, if you show them mercy in events (i.e. respecting resignations) they may view you positively, and not target you.

Some of these gangs also like/dislike each other.

Faction members are also detailed here.

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