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Not surprisingly, the fauna of Evan has been affected by the solar event.

Creatures reported to be wandering the wastes include:

  • Large Mutant Snake: The largest snakes you will ever see live in the wilderness. Relatively easy to scare off, but faster than your gangers should they try to run away.
  • Clasher
  • Slavebug: This flesh eating monster lives underground. It has been seen, and reports are that it can grow to at least 2 meters in length. The first sighting was sketchy, but it appears to have no teeth. It is assumed it drags the victim underground where they are injected with a poison/acid that liquefies the unlucky meal, then consumed through a hollow device as yet unknown. From known reports, care must be taken when exiting a vehicle. It appears that ground tremors made by walking may attract these horrors. (Dunes may be especially vulnerable for a nest of these nasties!)
  • Winger: This little baddie comes in two sizes..........Small and BAD! A one meter wingspan and a fully functional food processor as a mouth crown this as the BAD-ASS of the air! Not to mention the Acid/poison it spits at you! It will come in close and cut your skin/coat/body armor with slashing aerial moves with its chitin/sandpaper-like wing leading edges, and if it lands on you.....The mouth will,.... well..... eat you alive! This little devil could be called a mix of a Magpie and a Dragonfly.
  • Egg Defender
  • Egger
  • Razor: Reports on this elusive creature are patchy at best. Mainly because anyone encountering it does not survive, or any survivor suffers from a type of "walking coma". Survivors are found to have been penetrated by some kind of dart resembling a Flechette. With intensive care and copious amounts of drugs, survivors seem to be curable, although loss of speech seems to be a permanent condition. Drawings made by semi-conscious survivors indicate this denizen of the badlands to be extremely large, resembling huge scorpions.
  • Large Mutated Insect: Do not under any circumstance let these creatures close! One, or if you are lucky, two bites and a human-sized victim will be at their mercy. You cannot outrun them, you can only shoot, and keep shooting. They take multiple rounds to incapacitate!
    • Encountered in the Firelight area (Lava Lands presumably)
  • Mutated Rat: Not sure of the exact name of this creature, but it is important to know it has a poisonous bite! Better to kill these before they close to tooth and claw range.
    • Poisonous bite

What each of these was pre-Event is anybody's guess.

You may also want to take a look at the Darkwind Bestiary on the official Dark-Wind web site.

Regional Variations[edit]

Evan is broken up into 6 distinct biomes

  • Northern Desert
  • Northern Farmland
  • Elmsfield Lakes
  • Badlands
  • Lava Lands
  • Broken Lands

Each of these regions has different populations of creatures related to the local environment. For instance, water-oriented creatures will be found in the 'Elmsfield Lakes and the Badlands areas, but not in The Lava Lands or Northern Desert.

Creature mutation will also vary depending on their habitat, so a Croc found in the Badlands will be a very different challenge than one found in the Elmsfield Lakes area.

Populations will fluctuate based on season, aurora strength, and death rate (winning/losing battles), so when populations are bigger, the chances of running into larger groups of critters are higher, as would be expected.

It is very important that you arm your characters with personal weapons on the off-chance they are caught outside their vehicles, and need to fight the local wildlife.

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