Fixes and Rules Changes

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Engine v125 Scripts v277


  • Added a 3rd line of over-car text (use F4 to cycle it)


  • If you don’t log into a town event, your car disappears after 30 moves and you don’t get any field training or prize money
  • In town events, resigning (on purpose or because of stress) automatically cancels any existing 'fire' orders – this stops you from accidentally firing and having the NPCs ignore your resignation
  • Custom deathrace events now have the option of ignoring Evan Autoduel Association rules. Certain non-custom events will also ignore these rules (currently, this will be two of the minor leagues, plus all non-league events south of SS/Elms).

There's also some AI and PvP fixes in here. (Specifically, you should see 'attackable' and 'immune' flags on squads that you watch using the Monitor Gates feature).