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Rarity Rare

Cost Very Expensive

Toughness Very Strong

Weight 1800

Total Capacity 210

Engine Capacity 100 (5L V8)

Exposed Engine Capacity 120 (5L V12)

Seats 4

Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI

The Flail is a good all around muscle car; it does not excel at any one thing but can fill many roles out in the wilderness. The chassis for this car is strong and has one of the best armor values for any muscle car currently available, but the drawback to this is the maneuverability of the car. The Flail has a wide turning circle so it is not a particularly good up close fighter when dealing with more agile cars so keep this in mind. The suspension is not as forgiving as the Buccaneer and does not take bumps too well.

One of the benefits to owning this car is that it can hold a 5LV8 and still have plenty of room for a few mid sized weapons a driver and a gunner. If you can find one of these beasts, it would make a perfect mission/town runner as it can hold quite the load and deliver it with style while leaving your foes in the dust.