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Using Pedestrians

Almost all interaction with pedestrians is done using the right-click (or SHIFT-click).

Exiting Vehicles

Exiting a vehicle can be done using either the Management or Occupants drawer (either one has to be open).

  • Right-click an occupant and select "Exit Vehicle".
    • If the vehicle is moving you will be presented with a confirmation dialog to ensure you want to jump from a moving vehicle. Clicking Yes will exit the character at the start of the next turn.

NOTE: Jumping from a moving vehicle is generally not A Good ThingTM, but it can often be better than staying in a burning vehicle armed with Rocket Launchers or flame weapons.

Targeting and Firing Weapons

Targeting and firing equipped pedestrian weapons is the same as vehicular weapons: select the pedestrian, then right-click your desired target. If you are targeting, select 'Target ...', and if you are firing select 'Fire ...' or 'Repeat Fire ...' from the pop-up menu.

Details about pedestrian weapons can be found on the Pedestrian Weapons page.


To move a pedestrian: select the pedestrian, then right-click the location on the ground that you want your pedestrian to move toward. From the pop-up menu, select 'Move to here'.

After setting a destination a dashed line will appear across the ground indicating your pedestrian's chosen path.


  • Wilderness Events - pedestrians must be either 300m or 100m and out of line of sight (LOS) of all enemies in order to escape from combat

NOTE: As of 19AUG08 there is a pretty significant bug that is preventing pedestrians from escaping even when circumstances indicate they should be able to, i.e. out of sight, or far enough away.

  • Town Events - ? Unsure what the exact requirements are. They may be as detailed below.

Unique Options

  • Flip over vehicle - pedestrians can attempt to right an overturned vehicle. Move the pedestrian next to the vehicle, right-click, and select 'Flip vehicle' from the pop-up menu
  • Crouch - crouching improves a pedestrian's defensive posture making him harder to hit with weapons fire. Right-click the pedestrian, and select 'Crouch' the pop-up menu. A crouching pedestrian will have the option to 'Stand up'. Crouching cancels the pedestrian's movement, but the pedestrian can move while crouching after a new 'move to here' movement is ordered.
  • Face this way - right-click in the direction you want your pedestrian to turn, then choose this option from the menu. Changing facing cancels any current movement orders.

Pedestrian Datadump

Everything we know about pedestrians. Right now this is just a dump of information from the patch notes and forum posts. Formatting will come later.

Resigning from events

  • Cars no longer disappear; now, they put on their brakes when they resign, and as soon as they're below 25mph the characters inside start jumping out.
    • This means that if your character is unconscious, and can't leave the vehicle, they currently have to remain in the vehicle until the event ends. This could result in the character's death.
  • A character that jumps out of a resigned car will be able to disappear immediately if in a Race or Death Race, or else will have to get out of the LOS of all enemies in a combat, or else get to an 'exit door'. They will start running automatically, so if you have resigned and exited they will still do it.

Scripts v.181 notes

  • Most NPC gangs will now respect resignations most of the time, and not shoot at you when you have resigned in a town event
    • They can still run you over if exit your vehicle and you're in the way though! --Trifler 11:30, 21 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Resigned vehicles will no longer have all of their characters jump out
  • When you commandeer a car, if your character is not freaked out (i.e. has not failed a stress test), then the car unresigns. This only works if the car didn’t start the event under your control (so you can’t resign a car then jump out and back in to unresign it)
  • When a car’s last character exits, it no longer automatically resigns (unless it's the last unresigned car in the event, in which case the event does still end)
  • You can now try to finish a Race or Death Race in a commandeered car. You can only enter a car that is empty, belongs to your own team, or else has no conscious characters in it. In the latter case, it takes one move to pull each unconscious character out, before you can enter it yourself. If you enter a team mate’s car and that team mate is still conscious, they take control of your character rather than you taking control of their car. If you start a race with one car and two characters, and end with two cars and two characters, then your first finisher is the one that counts
  • Arena Combats: Commandeered cars can score you points! When you take over a car, its previous owner’s points are recorded and your score with that car is set to zero. Any points you score with it will be added to the points you get from the character’s original car. So you could potentially be scoring points with two cars at the same time, and both be added together as a single score.
  • you now get zero points for shooting a resigned vehicle, and a resigned vehicle can no longer score points itself.
  • I have also fixed the remaining occasional game server crash when a dead character with ammo was being saved to the database. This was happening about once per day. Hopefully that’s the last serious problem with pedestrians. (There's nothing much more serious than a game server crash).

Wilderness Peds

  • If a car is demoralized and then an un-demoralized character enters it and takes over driving, the vehicle will stop being demoralized.
  • If you have a two-person crew in one of your vehicles, of which one is a high courage veteran and the other a (currently) "freaked out", demoralized rookie... if your vet exits the vehicle then your car will become Demoralized.