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PvP stands for Player versus Player.

This would best fit a wilderness encounters against other human players, but any events where you compete against other players has PvP potential.

There are a variety of ways to PvP in Darkwind, although all of them are consensual, so there's no way to PvP a player who doesn't want it (excluding town events).

Types of PvP in Darkwind:

  • Squad Challenge
  • Camp Attack/Defense
  • Camp War
  • Open/Closed World PvP

Camp War

Camps can declare war on each other. War has to be agreed upon by both camps and either camp may end the war at any time (there is a 2 day status delay).

Camps that are in "open PvP" mode will automatically accept any declaration of war.

World PvP

For World PvP, players decide whether they want to take part in road encounters with other player squads.

Since combats are squad-based rather than gang-based however, each squad is identified as being open or closed for PvP. If any vehicles in a squad belong to gangs who are open for PvP, then the entire squad is open.

Two exceptions:

  1. In Shantyville, every squad is considered to be open for pvp
  2. In Somerset, every squad is considered to be closed for pvp

Any gang that is open for PvP get a field-training boost in all events - even town events and PvE combats.

The 'squad spying' and 'gates monitoring' systems that run in the lobby will now only notify you about potential targets, i.e. closed-for-PvP squads won't be monitored or spied on.

If your squad is not open for PvP, it can no longer define an enemy squad or look for human enemies when scouting

A squad's PvP status is shown clearly, towards the top of its page.

NOTE: There's a 14 day delay between each status switch. This is to prevent players from toggling PvP on and off in order to attack others, but remain safe from retaliation.

PvP Rules

The PvP rules in the game are clarified below.

Getting involved in PvP

  1. By default, a new player will not be attack-able nor involved in the PVP system.
  2. There are two mechanisms by which a player can become involved with PVP.
    1. A player may turn on their personal PVP flag (on theirGang Info page)
    2. A player may be a member of a camp that is involved in camp warfare.

If either of these criteria are met,

  • You are vulnerable to surprise attack on the road.
  • You can be attacked by the corresponding group of people, individual or camp war PVPers.
  • Note that if you are part of a squad that includes at least one car owned by a gang that meets the above criteria, the squad (and therefore you) may be attacked
  • You may perform surprise attacks on the road.
  • You can attack the corresponding group of people, individual or camp war PVPers.

PvP Benefits

  • Personal PvP (PvP status set to ON on Gang Info page)
    • training boost in PvP wilderness events where there is real combat. The exact mechanism is hidden but injury ("blue") may be required
  • Camp PvP (Camp at war with other camps)
    • There is no automatic benefit for a camp being at war, however for winning PvP battles a camp will receive bonuses to fame, production, and mechanic rating.
  • After all PVP battles, all mechanic and first aid checks are automatically passed.
    • This means that injured gangers and damaged cars are at maximum possible likelihood of being saved.
  • Any footsquads formed after losing a PvP battle will automatically have no encounters with animals of the way back to town.
  • You can pay a bounty to buy your way out of any PVP encounter, though the price may be quite stiff.
  • The camp bonuses rewarded in PvP battles are determined by how much damage is done to skilled gangers.

Special Rules

  • Somerset
    • On-the-road surprise attacks can never happen here, regardless of PvP status or camp affiliation, unless all squad vehicles are owned by open-pvp gangs or members of warring camps
  • Shantyville
    • On-the-road surprise attacks can always happen between any squads here, regardless of pvp status or camp affiliation.

Additional things to know about camp PvP

  1. Camps can be attacked directly by enemy camp player squads with 24 hours notice. The attack can come only during the camps scheduled open time.
  2. Camps that lose a camp attack PVP will be vandalized and looted for goods and cars.
  3. Camps that buy their way out of a camp attack will lose fame.
  4. Camps that engage in and win PVPs can have up to 100% boost in production speed and 30% boost in mechanic rating.