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  • Get nice (free) pictures of the real-world cars (this was my original motivation when I started compiling this list)
  • More trivia/details on each vehicle
  • Possibly even a quick summary about the cars history in real life.
  • Links to vehicle manufacturers sites? Or any where else that's possibly more informative or interesting.
  • Identify this truck!
    • Big Pickup - it is *almost* a Dodge Ram pickup... (Triferus: Are you sure this isn't just a generic hopped-up large Pickup (i.e. raised suspension, larger diameter tires, extended cab, extended bed, etc.)?


Suzuki Alto (2nd Generation)


Very similar to the Road Rescue Supermedic, based on the Ford E-450 Super Duty


Jeep Grand Cherokee

Big Pickup[edit]

Dodge Ram or a Nissan Titan

Box Van[edit]

Not based on any particular model but rather a generic term used for for any full size Van or Pickup with the rear half of the body removed and replaced with a large box-shaped container.

Box Truck

E-350 Image


Oldsmobile Cutlass (3rd Generation)


Ford Fusion (NASCAR)





Peugeot 106

Carrier Van[edit]

Ford Transit Mark 4


Vauxhall Cavalier Mark III / Opel Vectra A


Infiniti QX4 / Nissan Pathfinder


Ferrari F355


Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0


Jeep Wrangler


Mitsubishi Chariot/Space Wagon/Nimbus/Expo (1st Generation)


1957 Chevrolet

Trivia: The Highwayman in Fallout 2 was based on the 57 Chevy.

Fire Engine[edit]

Scania P-series 'Water and Rescue Tender', CP28 crewcab


Chevrolet Camaro (3rd Generation)


Porsche Boxster


Cadillac Hearse Not sure of the exact year. I suspect it's probably a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor.


Not based on any paticular model but a common hobby of building tuned 1920's lookalike cars - Hotrods


Land Rover Freelander


Although there is no chassis named "Lorry" in the game, many players often shorten the name of the Two-Axle Lorry to just "Lorry" since currently there are no other chassis with the word "Lorry" in their name in the game. See the section for Two-Axle Lorry below for more information.

Scania P-Series Their 'Distribution' Box Model. The Skin shown in the table of chassis is actually a 'curtainsider', a soft sided version.

Scania P94 Image


New Mini


De Lorean DMC-12

Trivia: Was featured in the movie "Back To The Future" whose protagonist was Marty McFly.


McLaren F1


Mercedes-Benz W140


Cadillac Catera / Opel Omega


1971 Plymouth Barracuda

Offroad Buggy[edit]

Baja Class 10 Tube-Frame Dune Buggy


Chevrolet Camaro (2nd Generation)


Chevrolet Camaro (1st Generation)


Ford Ranger 3rd Generation / Mazda B Series Mark 6


1970 Plymouth Barracuda


Fiat Panda (1st Generation)

Please note that incorrect spelling of the name of this car ("Racoon") in the game is a known issue. Sam (Developer) has stated that he would fix it except it is littered throughout the game's code, meaning the game could become unstable until he tracks them all down and he's not willing to risk it at this time. It may or may not be fixed at some unforeseen point in the future. This is the same reason the name of the Two-Axle Lorry is not being changed at this time. This wiki uses the correct spelling ("Raccoon") throughout.


Built in late 1969 and 1970, this design was built for the NASCAR circuit first and consumer off-the-lot versions second. It came `street legal` with a 400bhp big block chrysler `Hemi engine. This engine would propel the car to over 100 mph in the quarter-mile right from the dealership.

This was the last and fastest Detroit Steel American PURE muscle car available to the buying public EVER offered!

Plymouth Superbird

Royal Eaton[edit]

Aston Martin DB5

Trivia: Famous for being used in several James Bond movies


The model used in the game is what's known in the trucking industry as a Cab-Over-Engine (COE) design with a single rear axle. Since the cab is several feet shorter, these types of Semi-Tractors tend to be easier to maneuver in dense urban environments and are popular in Europe. In the U.S. they're mostly only seen on rigid (non-articulated) in-city trucks. Cab-Over-Engine Semi-Tractors are physically shorter and have a smaller turning radius, but the ride can be a real "Kidney-shaker" due to the driver being positioned directly over the front wheels. :-)

Since there is only one tire on each side of the rear axle, we can assume that the Semi-Tractor in the game is using what are called "super-singles" (a single, really wide tire designed to be used in place of two side-by-side tires).

- Example Pic: Scania R-series 4x2 General Cargo

Currently the game does not have a Semi-Tractor in a Conventional configuration (what could be called Cab-Behind-Engine) with tandem rear axles. This configuration allows for a larger cabin and a more comfortable ride. These are real pluses in long-haul trucking. The engine is easier to access, and allows occupants to remain in the cab while the engine is open. This is the configuration anyone from North America would typically imagine when thinking of a Semi-Tractor.

- Example Pic: Conventional Semi-Tractor

Wiki References:


Audi A3 8L (1st Generation)


Chrysler Concorde (2nd Generation)


Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


1968 Dodge Charger

Trivia: The popular American TV series "The Dukes of Hazard" used a 1969 Dodge Charger called The General Lee.
A 1970 Dodge Charger is the car driven by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) in the 2001 movie "The Fast and the Furious".


Dodge Challenger

Trivia: The Dodge Challenger was featured in the cult classic movie Vanishing Point.


Honda Prelude (5th Generation)


Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Two Axle Lorry[edit]

This isn't based on any particular model but rather is based on a generic large box lorry/truck. Unlike the Box Van, the front uses the cab from a Semi-Tractor instead of a Pickup or Van, while the rear is a much larger non-articulated box. "Non-articulated" means that there are no joints between sections of the vehicle that bend when it turns.

The model in the game should actually be referred to as a One-Axle Lorry since it only has one axle in the rear, but due to complications with renaming it in the game's code, a correction is not anticipated in the foreseeable future.

A lorry/truck with two rear axles would be capable of transporting much heavier loads, but may or may not have a longer box section. Lorries/Trucks larger than that would typically be articulated. (See Wikipedia - Articulated Vehicle, Semi-Trailer Truck)

Triferus: In my research, I found that the front drive wheels are not counted when referring to the axle count on a lorry/truck, only the rear axles. I found far more web search results related to this vehicle by searching for "single-axle box truck" than anything else. Search results for just "single-axle truck" had the correct number of axles but had all sorts of things like dump trucks, tankers, etc. "Two-axle" trucks/lorries have two axles on the rear. "Tandem-axle" trucks/lorries have two or more axles in the rear. "Box" refers to the box on the back. Thus this would more accurately be called a "One-Axle Box Lorry" or "One-Axle Lorry". JD, who was a truck driver for many years, confirmed my findings.

Some examples: Scania Distribution Box Truck with G Series Cab

Scania P94 Image


Dodge Viper


Dodge Intrepid (2nd Generation)


Lincoln Town Car (2nd Generation)

Windsor II[edit]

Lincoln Town Car (3rd Generation)