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Differences between Subscription and Free Play

Non-subscribers (Free Play)

  • Compete in all in-town events that use event-supplied vehicles
  • Earn prize money and league points for in-town events
  • Recruit gang members
  • Take part in Wilderness Scouts using rented vehicles
  • Cannot complete missions as you may not travel to other places in rented vehicles


  • Receive $50,000 for your in-game gang (first subscription only)
  • Access to town marketplaces
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Access to a Lockup (for property storage) in each town (rates vary between towns)
  • Ability to upload custom logos for display on your vehicles
  • Ability to upload custom skins for your vehicles
  • Ability to own camps
  • Access to town Training Centres
  • Trade vehicles and equipment with other gangs
  • Transfer in-game money to other gangs