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S848087 XPRT -vs- Cyber Formation Road To Gateway

I did this with something a newbie wouldn't have, a 5Lv12 BPU but the lesson works regardless of vehicle. You have to learn your acceleration and get an idea of how close you can push things. The NPC took about 5 shots at me but none hit.

Here's the spawn:


Here's how it played out:

I know this spawn and set up where it wouldn't matter if they were front or rear, in the front right of the circle. If you wanted to be more careful you could start in the center but then you'd probably want to try something other than what I did. The event is 93 turns but it's really over after about 25. I know what the speed of the NPC's and the traction on this sand is going to do, I take off at a 45 degree angle to their approach. Had they turned to intercept sooner or had better traction this trick would not work. The AI tends to fully accelerate and try and cut you off like you're on asphalt but on sand they can't hold the line and stay with me.

NPC line of travel is in Red, mine is in Fuschia


Something to keep in mind when making your decision of where to spawn is the elevation of the surrounding area. You start out here in the bottom of a valley, which is almost universally the worst situation. In aerial dogfighting altitude is life because you can always trade it for velocity. This is a similar situation, at the top of the hill you can get your speed up going down the hill but when you have to start at the bottom you're at a disadvantage to start with. In my replay the AI had to climb the hill a little to get to me and that bought me the time I needed to make this work.

North of BL you should be using OR tires, it helps your traction in sandy conditions. South of GW you should switch to reinforced to preserve your tire integrity and keep them from getting chewed up by terrain so fast.

Good luck and keep it between the ditches! Tango