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How much time it takes to play DarkWind comes up on occasion, so this page has been created to record a variety of events and how long they took to complete.

Most events give each player 30 seconds per car to plan their move. Some events allow a custom turn-amount, but the majority are set for 30 seconds. The more cars a player controls the more time they get to plan their move, or moves as the case may be.

Obviously, the times will be approximate, and the more human players are involved the longer the game will take as each person has to plan their move.

Town Events[edit]

Times for town events are based on reasonably functioning vehicles. If your vehicle gets damaged to a point where you can't get above 40 MPH, the event is going to take much longer than 'normal'.

  • 2-lap Race on Somerset Junkyard Track 2, with a single human player, 5 NPCs: approximately 15 minutes
  • 4-lap Race on Northern Speedway, with 3 human players, 3 NPCs: approximately 45 minutes
  • 2-lap Death Race on Somerset Junkyard Track 1, with a single human player, 8 NPCs: approximately 20 minutes
  • 4-lap Race on Somerset Junkyard Track 3, with 1* human player, 11 NPCs: approximately 15 minutes
    • The Race started with 2 human players, but one was absent and auto-resigned after 5 turns.
  • 3-lap Race on Somerset Dirt Track, with a single human player, 12 NPCs: approximately 15 minutes

Wilderness Events[edit]

Approximate times for scouts, or wilderness events, should be taken with a pillar of salt (or the entire mine), as the number of variables is extreme.

  • Single car (LandRunner) against 2 enemy vehicles: approximately 10 minutes from event spawn to return to lobby

NOTE: Times listed for single car scouts should be NOT be taken as a recommendation to solo scout. As noted elsewhere in this wiki, solo scouting is extremely dangerous.