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There are 4 tire types currently available in Darkwind.

Standard Tires

These tires are for general driving and racing in and around the towns of Darkwind. Cheap cost and cheap construction make these the most available tire in any town. The standard tire is good for all types of driving but can be easily damaged on certain types of terrain. Excellent traction on almost every surface make this the tire of choice for tracks sporting multiple terrain, ie: sand, tarmac and packed gravel.

Off-Road Tires

These tires are excellent for running between towns! The MANY types of terrain encountered between towns requires a specialized combination of traction, slip resistance and speed offered by the off-road rubber. The higher cost and the better construction of this tire reflects the need for better 'between-town' terrain tire survivability. This tire is obviously meant for off road driving and its performance on Tarmac and packed roadways lacks the abilities of the Standard tire in both acceleration and grip on the road surface.

At this time, this type of tire is matched only by the reinforced tire in dealing with non-combat damage done to tires on the different surfaces offered on the roads between all the towns in Darkwind.

Reinforced Tires

Reinforced tires have less grip than the other tire types, but they're much more resistant to damage. Their higher cost also reflects the need for puncture resistance. Terrain/flame/projectile and skid damage resistance enhance this tires' capabilities in combat both on track and in the wilderness.

At this time, this type of tire is COMPLETELY unmatched in dealing with both non-combat AND combat damage done by both terrain and weapon fire encountered on ANY map encountered in Darkwind.

Racing Slicks

Slicks are the weakest type of tire, although slightly more resistant to skid damage. Slicks are excellent on road surfaces and are mainly intended for racing. Racing Slicks are also the most expensive tires in Darkwind.

Using Tires as Bullet Magnets

It has been verified that when a vehicle is in combat and has or is about to suffer armor breaches AND is carrying one or more tire(s) in the cargo area, these tires will SOMETIMES take the critical hits that may have otherwise been transferred to the occupants or the extra ammo carried.

This "bullet-magnet" effect DOES NOT occur every time but occurs with enough frequency for cargo stored tires to be a useful tactical addition when your cars armor has been or is about to breached. A 100% tire will tend to attract more internal damage to itself than a 75% damaged tire.

As with ANY tire, the speed of your vehicle when encountering any damage producing obstacle, projectile or skid, will determine the amount of damage inflicted.

The higher the speed, the more damage taken.