Two-Axle Lorry

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Rarity Quite Common
Cost Very Expensive
Toughness Weak
Weight 6000
Total Capacity 2500
Engine Capacity 160 (8L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 192 (9.4L)
Max Armor 200
Max Armor Per Side 50
Seats 8
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LEx2, RIx2
Based On Scania P-Series 'Distribution' Box model


This large and cumbersome truck is the workhorse of Darkwind. Its ability to carry HUGE amounts of cargo is what makes this vehicle one of the more sought-after chassis available.

The capability of mounting ANY size engine or gun is another desirable factor. Slightly clumsy and hard to control, with enough power under the hood, you will see some good acceleration and speed from this lumbering beast.

If trading goods is not your style, you can mount 2 weapons on every side of this truck making any attempt to overtake and disable the truck a costly affair for anyone foolish enough to tangle with your Lorry. With 8 guns and all the re-loads they will need, you will STILL have enough room for just over 1000 bulk of any precious cargo you might like to carry for additional profits! Just keep in mind the armor peels off pretty fast on this chassis.

It has enough room for a driver and seven gunners so all your guns can be manned at the same time!

Wilderness Designs[edit]