Windsor II

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Windsor II Community Comment Engine enclosed/exposed: 65/78 Weapon Mounts: FRx2, REx2, LE, RI Armor Points per side/total: 25/100 Armor Toughness: Very Strong Occupants: 4 persons Capacity: 190 bulk Weight: 1600

An updated Windsor, this car retains all the original`s strengths, but weighs a bit less. Be careful though, as any speed advantage maybe counteracted by increased susceptibility to recoil.

One of the kings of the sedans, the Whirly Windy is an excellent dogfighter and general combat car. With a good driver and on sand, it can turn around entirely. A pair of GGs or a GG and a HMG can make the Windy 2 a beautiful and deadly dogfighter.

Another excellent build for the Windsor II is a single Anti Tank Gun, making it a deadly support vehicle.