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Info about creating maps is available on the Mission Builder page.

Darkwind Week

  • Daily (approximately 04:00 server time)
    • Health Update - injured and sick characters have their status updated
  • Weekly (Fridays approximately 04:00 server time)
    • Financial Reset - weekly profit/loss reset (04:00 - 04:10)
    • Financial Update - weekly wages and other expenses deducted (04:05 - 04:15)
    • Training Update - characters receive updates to their trained skills, and training cost is deducted (04:10 - 04:20)
    • Morale makes a small move toward zero.
    • Faction Reputations make a small move toward zero (neutral). Bounties may be adjusted/removed as a result.
    • Weekly camp updates (04:50)
      • Switch from week 1 to week 2 of the two-week camp war cycle
        • Week 1: deploy CR
        • Week 2: hexes are taken and battles are fought

Permanent Damage

The world of Darkwind is extremely harsh, and the inhabitants are even harder on their equipment. As a result, all items (vehicles and components) can be subject to permanent damage, aka perma-damage.

The item will lose 3% of its health each time it is mended. Fortunately, if the item is already within 5% of its maximum then it will take no permanent damage at all when fixed.

Effects on Equipment


A chassis' health directly affects its handling and armor strength. In essence a chassis with full armor but 50% health is equivalent to a 100% chassis with 1/2 of its total armor.

How much damage a chassis can sustain before its handling is affected is currently unknown.

First Repair

Chassis (and chassis only) are repairable to 100% the first time they are repaired regardless of how damaged they are.

However, if the chassis is damaged below 95%, the permanent damage amount will be applied so that the next time it is repaired even if it doesn't go below 95% it will only go to 97%.

Example: Loot chassis is returned to town at 80%, and repaired. It will go to 100%. The next time it is used it takes 1% chassis damage during the event taking it to 99%. When it is repaired it will repair to 97%.

This means there will be a definite advantage to not repairing a chassis if it has received only minimal damage after its first free repair.

To indicate that a chassis has had it's first repair done to it, its health will be indicated as 100% (3% perma).

Pimp my ride

A chassis' perma-damage also affects its appearance in-game. Vehicles with perma-damage will not be restored to pristine condition when using the Clean/Restore function at the Mechanic Shop, rather they will retain some amount of rust (the damage layer). This is aesthetic only.


A weapon's health affects its accuracy although it is not currently known how off each lost percentage point of health makes a weapon.

Below about 50%, the weapon will start jamming on a regular basis.


An engine's health affects its power output, so a damaged engine will have slower acceleration and a lower top speed than an undamaged engine.

Currently, there seems to be very little difference in performance above the 95% level.