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Basic gameplay

The gameplay is split into two different sections

The strategical/management part of the game is done through the website, you can find most of the important stuff under the Gameplay menu on the left.

The tactical part which is done through the downloadable client application.

Your Gang

Your gang page (Gameplay -> My Gang) lists various info about your gang.

  • Money - Shouldn't need an explanation, but if you insist on one: Money is any token or other object that functions as a medium of exchange that is socially and legally accepted in payment for goods and services and in settlement of debts. Money also serves as a standard of value for measuring the relative worth of different goods and services and as a store of value[1]
  • Fame - How well known your gang is, currently this only helps with getting new members when recruiting by raising the chance of a ganger with the skill that you are looking for actually appearing (potential members are known to lie about their skills to impress the employers).
  • Reputation - A high enough rep enables you to take on missions in town taverns across evan (like transporting packages or people to the other side of the continent or escorting a vulnerable trader caravan). Attacking innocent traders can be lucrative, but lowers your gang's reputation - this can result in random bounty hunter attacks (but also gives you a chance to truce with pirates)
  • Morale - helps reduce character stress in events
  • Local Hero status if any - generally received by killing pirates with a bounty on them for having extraordinarily high skills. With hero status you can get "first picks" on items arriving to that town's marketplace (indicated by a + next to the item).



League Events

These events are free to enter and a Stock Car is provided for you, as a non-subscriber you'll be limited to doing these only.

The league events spawn every 15 minutes and to participate you need to sign up either by clicking on one of the upcoming league events in the lobby and then clicking register (which opens a webpage in your default browser) or going to Gameplay -> Events Diary and choosing an event from there, either way you'll end up at the event page where need to choose a driver and possibly a gunner to enter to the event.

Once you've registered there you need to wait until the event starts. You can join the event 3-4minutes before the actual event starts and if all the players are present the event may start early.


It's highly recommended that you don't go scouting alone with a single car if you're just starting out.

Scouting means going out to the wilderness around the towns to hunt pirates or traders.

To go scouting you need a suitable car. To do a really quick summary of the Vehicle Design Guide it should have a lot of armor (which means at least 70-80% of the maximum armor the chassis can take), the biggest unexposed engine the chassis can fit, at least one, preferably two weapons, room for gunners (your car should have enough room left to fit at least 2 gang members) for every weapon you're using and extra room for reloads to put into the car.

You can buy and maintain your gang's vehicles from Gameplay -> Map -> Somerset -> Jake's Car Sales And Repairs on the website You can buy and put ammo into your cars from Gameplay -> Map -> Somerset -> Market You can put characters in your cars from anywhere you can view your vehicle, at the Mechanic shop, Your Garage Page, The squad page (if your car is already in the squad)

To scout you need to put your vehicle in a squad. Squad management is done from under Gameplay -> My Gang -> Squads

TODO: Finish writing about squads FIXME


In order for the squad to travel to another town, you will need to go to Gameplay → Map.

Your squads will be represented as gray flags on the map. You can select a squad by either clicking on the flag or clicking the name of the squad under the heading “Your Squads” on the right. The selected squad flag will then be displayed in blue. Selecting a squad will open up a small window on the map. To travel to another town, click “Select Travel Destination.” Click on the town you wish to travel to. If you cannot travel, either because vehicles in the squad are being repaired or the squad does not have enough fuel to reach the destination town, you will receive a prompt stating the reason you cannot travel.


It's common practice to travel with a fast car without any weapons that will just outrun any pirates you might encounter on the way.

For more info on travel click here


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