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Leadership is one of the components that determines your Gang's Leader. Combined with Courage the character with the highest total is automatically made the Gang Leader.

Leadership determines how many gang members you can recruit.

Member Caps
Leadership Member Cap
0 35
100 45
120 46
144 47
168 48
196 49
225 or 226 50
257 51
289 52
324 53
361 54
400 55
441 56
484 57
529 58
576 59
625 60
676 61
729 62
784 63
841 64
900 65
961 66
1024 67
1089 68
1156 69
1225 70
1296 71
1369 72

NOTE: It is virtually impossible to have a Gang Leader with a Leadership of 0. In practice the minimum number of gang members will be 35 - 40.

NOTE: Some of the above numbers have been found to be inaccurate by some players. If you find an incorrect estimate of when the member cap increases, please make corrections.

Becoming a better leader

Just like other skills, Leadership improves with use. Each character acting as a leader will receive Leadership points (amount variable and unknown) upon successful completion of the scout.

Follow the Leader

In wilderness encounters there will be an overall leader, and individual gang leaders.

The overall leader is the character with the highest Leadership among all the gangs participating. The individual gang leaders are the characters with the highest Leadership from each gang.

The overall leader will be indicated by the phrase "Leader of this event" when hovering the cursor over the character in the vehicle's Manage window.

The individual gang leader will be indicated by the phrase "Gang Leader in this event".

Even Leaders Make Mistakes

It is possible for a character's Leadership to decrease. Most often this is caused by abandoning vehicles in wilderness encounters.


Like the other skills, Leadership has specialisms associated with it. Unlike the other skills, however, Leadership specialisms are available every 100 points rather than every 50 points.

  • Combat Psychologist - reduces the stress of all occupants in the vehicle (also available via First Aid)
  • Recruiter - increases chances of recruiting gang members with above-average skills/stats, but operates only on your 'free' characters every 5 days, not on more frequent ones that you pay to recruit.
  • Motivator - gives a slight training bonus to all characters in the same town as the character with this specialism when training hits.