4Gat Punisher

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Chassis Apache
Engine 3.2L V8
Fuel Tank 10 Units
Tyres Reinforced
Cargo Space 62 Units
Weight 6268
Combat Rating 236
Armor Grade B
Front 33
Rear 33
Left 28
Right 28
Top 5
Bottom 6
Front Gatling Gun
Front Gatling Gun
Rear Gatling Gun
Rear Gatling Gun

The 4Gat Punisher is a proven killer! Though the Gatling Guns are for fairly close in combat, the armor and chassis strength of the Apache allow for close in fighting greatly complimenting the weaponry given in this car! When taking one reload for each gun you have enough room for a driver and 3 gunners. All guns manned and ready for work! Once the gatling guns in front do their job hitting a target, pass the target and get the rear guns working on the same target. Used like this, you can hit them coming or going and they won't know where to turn to get out of the line of fire. If you have the guns set for 'continuous fire' you can concentrate on driving and the gunners will open up on the target as soon as it's in the line of sight!

You can also hold back a bit and pepper one target in front and help out a scouting buddy with the rear guns! You make more friends that way! Just keep all the guns warmed up and working for you and this version of the Apache will see you through MANY scouts intact!

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