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Here is a list of common vehicle builds that players have found successful.

Name Chassis CR Weapons Occupants Notes
Hound Alpha 78 Fr GG 2 A fairly common Sub-Compact design when gangers skilled in both Driving and Gunnery are in short supply.
Scimitar Phoenix or Sunrise 124 Fr GGx2 2 An impressive but fragile dogfighter. Stay away from your enemies' weapons, and get the Gatling Guns onto their flanks and rear.
Diplomat Mercenary ~175 Fr MMG/RL 2
Landcrusher Landrunner 249 Fr HMGx2, Le MMG 3-4
Landy Survivor Landrunner 234 Fr HGG/RL, Le MR 3 A Strong line vehicle that can dogfight in a pinch
Ship O' The Line Apache 223 Fr HMGx2, Le GG 3 Probably the most common car seen in Somerset. This car is a well balanced, tough machine
4Gat Punisher Apache 236 Fr GG x2, Re GG x2 3-4 A Proven Killer! Get close, hold them by the belt, and beat them till they bleed!
Merc Runner Mercenary 76 No weapons 3 An EXCELLENT mission runner! With a 15 unit fuel tank and armor as stated, you can haul up to 100 bulk on missions.
PBR Streetgang Two-Axle Lorry 295 Fr HMG/ReRam, Sides MMG/GG, Re HMG/HGG up to 8 This lorry can run missions and fight to get them to their destination! Run this one solo and use a good scout driving and fill up your gunner seats. DON'T use escorts, it will raise the CR too high. Running solo will get you 2/4 enemy cars at the most which is easily manageable with all the guns on this Land-Whale!
Witch Windsor II 149 Fr GG/HMG 3 A proven dog-fighter, go for the throat with its teeth and very little will survive.
Demon Windsor II 149? Fr Car Cannon 2 An odd but useful fire-support vehicle, the Demon is invaluable providing a heavy beating to enemies. Very maneuverable whenever it isn't firing. Pack 2 magazines and a driver with Rapid Reloading, and enjoy the thumping!

For posting vehicle designs in the wiki you should use the Template:VehicleDesign template.

You can also use the online Carbuilder and let it generate the wiki markup for you by clicking the "Darkwind Wiki Vehicle Template" link in the vehicle page.

Example code for a vehicle design.

engine=3.2L V8| 
weapon_1=Heavy Machine Gun| 
weapon_2=Heavy Machine Gun|