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Darkwind consists of three components:

  1. Darkwind Launcher - a Java application that handles updating the client application
  2. Darkwind Client - provides a chat lobby for organizing player outings, an event list, and the 3D event interface
  3. [Darkwind web site] - provides the resource management interface, and the event setup interface

Network Ports[edit]

Darkwind requires TCP and UDP ports 28000 - 28020 to be open

NOTE: Opening your firewall to only is no longer sufficient as most events (everything except the Driving School) run on a different server.

Darkwind Client[edit]


Starting at the top left and working counter-clockwise, the different areas of the client are:

Login Area Displays your username and password, and should be filled in if you launched Darkwind using the Java Launcher
Server Messages Provides status information about the Darkwind software
Users in Lobby A list of all users currently signed in
Upcoming Events A list of events in progress (LIVE) and those scheduled within the next 2 - 3 hours
Buttons Various buttons providing access to game management (via the web) and creating events: Forums,Instructions, My Gang and Events Diary all open a browser window. The other actions take place within the client
Lobby Chat Chat window for interacting with the currently signed in users. The chat window is 'tabbed' with the first tab on the left being the main Lobby chat, and four additional 'unused' tabs available for user-defined chat channels.