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Chassis Landrunner
Engine 3.2L
Fuel Tank 8 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 22 Units
Weight 6268
Combat Rating 249
Armor Grade B
Front 34
Rear 34
Left 31
Right 31
Top 6
Bottom 7
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Left Medium Machine Gun

Landcrusher has seen a lot of success and makes for a solid, inexpensive "core" for small hunting parties. Fairly slow and not very maneuverable, with poor brakes. Typical load-out includes a full reload for all weapons (2xHMG, 1xMMG) and two gunners, for a total of three crew. The medium machine-gun works well to the left or right when in a scrum, as the driver can take control, but may work better as a rear-facing weapon if you expect to have to run away. One possible upgrade may include placing heavy gatling machine guns front.

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