Landy Survivor

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Chassis Landrunner
Engine 3.2L V8
Fuel Tank 7 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 40 Units
Weight 6081
Combat Rating 234
Armor Grade B
Front 34
Rear 27
Left 31
Right 31
Top 6
Bottom 7
Front Heavy Gatling Gun
Front Rocket Launcher
Left Medium Rocket

Landrunners are very maneuverable for an SUV chassis, and are the toughest of the SUV's, but they suffer from the lack of a large enough engine compartment and are a bit top heavy and hence bouncy. This design attempts to minimize their weaknesses by splitting the front mounted weapons into a RL/HGG combo. The HGG provides longer term firing capability between reloads and is extremely effective in doing massive damage to the enemy once they are in range. The RL has a longer range and slows the enemy down on the approach, allowing the HGG to do its work. The low recoil of the RL minimizes the "bounce" you would see in a dual HGG or dual HMG build. The fuel tank is of a decent size for deeper scouts, and the side mounted MR gives the driver a chance to knock a car back into place if one gets by you or you get stuck in a dogfight. If you don't care about scouting range, you can downgrade the tank and boost the MR to an HR for a bigger punch.

I would not recommend this build with a 3.2L engine unless you change to A armor, as you will not have the acceleration to maneuver. Swapping out the HGG for an HMG works very well, but I find that the extra "push" of the HMG is not as valuable as the extra damage the HGG will offer since you have the RL to pin down the enemy.

Recommended reloads are 3xRL ammo and 2xHGG ammo.

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