Ship O' The Line

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Chassis Apache
Engine 4L
Fuel Tank 3 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 32 Units
Weight 6799
Combat Rating 223
Armor Grade B
Front 33
Rear 25
Left 30
Right 30
Top 7
Bottom 7
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Left Gatling Gun

This is THE staple build of SS, found on nearly every ridgetop. A solidly built car with readily available components welcome and useful on any scout. The car is heavy but reasonably fast, very stable, and extremely effective. The HMG's will stop most any attacker dead in their tracks and hold them in place, particularly when you have the height advantage. They also have amazing stamina, having 20 shots per magazine, and fairly good range. If you do end up in a dogfight, the Apache chassis does not have the maneuverability to keep its guns on the intruder, so the side mounted Gat gives you the ability to defend yourself as you orbit each other.

One possible upgrade is to swap out the 4L with a 3.2L V8, but such a rare engine is often better used elsewhere as the 4L is plenty powerful enough for this build and the space opened up will probably only go towards a larger fuel tank. Swapping out HGG's for the HMG's also works very well and makes an excellent LG trainer car, but you lose a bit of your range and "push".

Recommended reloads are 3xHMG ammo and 2xGG ammo.

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