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Darkwind has 47 unique chassis, subcompacts, sedans, muscle cars, fast racers and trucks and more. Each chassis handles differently, but chassis in the same type (such as sedans) usually handle similarly with only minor differences in acceleration. The chassis also determines where and how many weapons you can mount on it, most chassis have 2x front, 2x rear and 1x side mounts available. The bulk available and engine bulk are the most important attributes for a chassis for scouting along with the vehicle's armor rating and capabilities.

Vehicles can also be fitted with a roll cage to reduce chances of internal damage and injuries from high-speed impacts.

You can view a handy table of all the chassis types here


As your gang is increasing its fame and reputation with the denizens of Evan, so to do your vehicles build their own rep.

The most common way vehicles become famous is by being used in events. Having your vehicle featured in the Gazette (either because of its design or because of its skin) also increases its notoriety.

  • Renowned
  • Famous
  • Legendary
  • ???

It is currently not known how many 'levels' of fame there are for vehicles. How does one get fame?

"Fame builds up through use, especially by winning professional events but also from finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in town events, and for wilderness use. Every time you rename a vehicle, it loses half of its fame. " [1]

It takes *roughly* 60-75 scouts to hit Renowned with a vehicle.

NOTE: Renaming a famous vehicle will cause a loss of fame

The trade-off to vehicle fame is that the characters inside get 'substantially boosted courage', however they will not gain as much courage in those fights. This is similar to the Combat Psychologist Specialism.


There's a massive amount of possible custom designs, premade designs are used for league events, and NPCs cars in the wilderness also have a variety of premade designs they randomly choose from.

Carbuilder is a web-based vehicle designer.

Possible Future Chassis[edit]

  • Supra[2]
  • 68 Lincoln-Continental[3]
  • 2 unidentified older turreted military vehicles (need help to ID the vehicles FIXME)[4]
  • VW Beetle, Camaro, Baja Bug and more (need help to ID the rest FIXME)[5]

Very likely there's even more coming eventually.