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  • Add tyre type under the description for each NPC vehicle as we acquire them ourselves in-game.
  • Find vehicle ID's.

Wilderness Combat Vehicles[edit]

Evan is a tough old place and these guys just want to make it that much tougher for you.

Vehicle Chassis Engine Combat Rating Weapons Occupants Comments
Killer Bee Offroad Buggy 0.6L Supercompact 67 Fr: HR GG A nasty, biting desert pest
57 Gunner Fiftyseven 3.2L V8 110 Fr: HGG 1 A rare and dangerous wilderness adversary
Antagonist Moose 2.5L 134 Fr: HMG, CR 2 A fairly common desert fighter
Badlander Phoenix 4L 119 Fr: HMG, Re: MML 1 Fast and vicious
Bandit Raccoon 1.0L 74 Fr: CGL A funsize tactical bomardment vehicle
Bantam Marley 1.6L 81 Fr: MMG, Re: MR 1 A small interceptor
Battleaxe Chomper 2.5L 180 Fr: RL, MMG, Ri: LR, Le: MML 2 An offroad desert fighter
Beaster Box Van 4L 174 Fr: ReRam,HMG, Ri: GG, Le: GG, Re: GG A feared melee ramming vehicle with lots of guns.
Big Meanie Big Pickup 4L 214 Fr: HGG, RL, Le: GG, Ri: GG 2 This heavily armed big pickup is, thankfully, a rare sight in Northern Evan.
Biter Phoenix 3.2L 114 Fr: MMG, MG 2 A popular MG-packed fighting vehicle
Black Gold Landrunner 3.2L V8 254 Fr: RL x2, Ri: MMG, Le: MMG 2 A tough and versatile fighter
Black Rock Landrunner 3.2L 255 Fr: RL HMG, Le: MG Ri: MG, Re: MG 2 There is no place to be safe around this car, the front is the worst but even approaching from rear can hurt
Black Stone Landrunner 3.2L V8 275 Fr: RL HGG, Le: GG, Ri: GG, Re: GG 2 A mean, close-range brawler, favoured by bounty hunters in the Northern Desert.
Blitzer Chomper 2.5L 170 Fr: HMG RL, Re: MG 2 A mean wilderness fighter
Bloodhound Osprey 5L V8 127 Fr: MMG x2 A very rare high performance interceptor
Brick Sh#thouse Wurzel 4L 242 Fr: HMG MML, Li: GG, Ri: GG 2 A nimble combat vehicle, popular in mountainous areas
Bullseye Bullet 4L 112 Fr: CR, Le: MR, Ri: MR, Re: HR 1 A solid interceptor
Butterfly II Windsor II 3.2L 142 Fr: GG x2 An agile and fairly common interceptor with dual gatlings
Buzzcut Buzzer 4L 340 Fr: HGG x2, Le: GG, Ri: GG, Re: MG x2 A feared heavy combat vehicle from the Southern Desert
Buzz This! Buzzer 3.2L 354 Fr: ATG HMG, Re: HMG x2 A deadly combat vehicle feared throughout Southern Evan
Chaser Phoenix 4L 104 Fr: MMG 2 A common interceptor
Chulainn Apache 4L 253 Fr: HGG HGG, Le: GG, Ri: GG A mean southern brawler
Crescendo Symphony 2.0L 125 Fr: FT RL, Re: MML 2 An offroad-capable symph that can fire rockets ahead and behind, and closes in for the kill with a flamethrower.
Cutlass Buccaneer 4L 169 Fr: Laser, Re: MG A rare desert interceptor favoured by pirates
Da Vinci Mercenary 2.5L 119 Fr: PG MG, Le: PS, Ri: PS 2 A tactical car that gums up the opposition so its buddies can kill them
Damocles Apache 4L 283 Fr: 2xATG 2 A big-hitting SUV
Dervish Voyager 3.2L 122 Fr: HMG, Le: MG, Ri: MG A versatile interceptor/fighter that performs well in broken terrain in the Badlands region
Desert Flame Phoenix 3.2L 125 Fr: CR, MG 1 A cheap interceptor favoured by mutants
Desert Siren Sonic 1.2L 108 Fr: HMG 1 A cheap fighter favoured by the smaller pirate gangs
Desert Striker Vampire 4L 93 Fr: HMG 1 Comes out of the dunes like a serpent ready to strike
Devastator Apache 4L 283 Fr: CC HGG, Le: MG, Ri: MG A somewhat rare, feared wilderness fighter
Discord Landrunner 3.2L 266 Fr: ATG RL, Le: MR, Ri: MR A tough melee vehicle
Dozer Mercenary 3.2L 119 Fr: Plow Ram, RL A common ram vehicle
Dragon`s Breath Buzzer 4L 373 Fr: CC x2, Le: HR, Ri: HR A firey adversary that strikes fear into anyone who sees it
Duellist Moose 2.5L 132 Fr: MMG x2, Le: MR, Ri: MR, Re: MR x2 2 A mid-range wilderness combateer, packed with weapons
Duet Symphony 2L 106 Fr: MG x2 2 A basic fighter, used by down-on-their-luck pirate gangs
Eat Me Royal Eaton 2L 117 Fr: RL CR A speedy interceptor with long ranger weapons
Eliminator Voyager 3.2L 111 Fr: MG x2, Re: MG 2 A dangerous adversary, common throughout Evan
Emergency Room Ambulance 5L 368 Fr: ATG CR, Le: CR, Ri: CR, Re: CR x2 You`d better get out the way when you hear its sirens blaring!
Evan Bandit Symphony 2.0L 147 Fr: HMG MML, Le: GG, Ri: GG 2 A common wilderness combat car
Evan Enforcer Symphony 2.0L 128 Fr: CR x2, Re: MG 2 A wilderness fighter with car rifles
Ferret Voyager 3.2L 114 Fr: CR MMG A versatile interceptor/fighter that performs well in broken terrain in the Badlands region
Firebug Dustup 1L 104 Fr: NG A rare scout/firebomber
Flashbang Flash 2.0L 74 Fr: CR, Re: MR, HR 1 A rarely-seen undersized interceptor
Freelance Mercenary 2.0L 92 Fr: HMG x2 2 A midsize vehicle that punches above its weight
Gallowglass Apache 4L 221 Fr: HMG x2, Le: HR, Ri: HR, Re: HR A tough desert fighter
Garbageman Trash Truck 8L 375 Fr: RL x2, Le: ATG, Ri: ATG, Re: HMG A heavy-duty combat vehicle with big guns
Gladiator Chomper 2.5L 190 Fr: HMG ReRam, Re: MG, Le: MR, Ri: MR A fairly common big-punching SUV
Gunboat Two-Axle Lorry 8L 496 Fr: RL x2, Le: CC x2, Ri: CC x2, Re: HMG x2 A massive lumbering beast, dripping with firepower
Gypsy Bus 5L V8 259 Fr: ReRam CC, Le: HR MG, Ri: HR MG, Re: HMG x2 A rare vehicle, often used as a hybrid fighter/trader
Harpy Sonic 1.0L 102 Fr: RL 1 A small but effective desert combat vehicle
Heat Stroke Fire Engine 9.4L 447 Fr: TG, HMG, Le: HF, Ri: HF, Re: RL x2 An almost mythically-rare desert warrior
Hellfire Hearse 3.2L 234 Fr: CR ATG, Le: MG, Ri: MG A rare but much feared south-Evan fighting vehicle
Hotshot II Symphony 2.0L 122 Fr: RL, Le: FT, Ri: FT A solidly armoured version of the popular deathracing configuration
Kern Windsor II 3.2L 149 Fr: HMG, MG, Le: MR, Ri: MR 1 A fairly common interceptor/fighter
Killer Wasp Flash 2.0L 64 Fr: MML x2 A nimble interceptor packing a surprising punch
King Silage Wurzel 4.0L 155 Fr: CGL PG, Le: HR, Ri: HR An unusual support combat vehicle
Lancer Chevalier 2.0L 137 Fr: CR RL, Le: MR, Ri: MR, Re: LR 2 A well-armed wilderness combat vehicle
Lasersquad Squadcar 4L 217 Fr: Laser HR, Re: LR A very rare interceptor packing laser and rockets
Longshot Phoenix 3.2L 118 Fr: MMG x2 A popular interceptor-class vehicle with twin MMGs
Mantis Sunrise 4L 124 Fr: MML x2, Le:LR, Ri:LR 2 A fairly common interceptor
McFlyer McFly 3.2L V8 137 Fr: HGG GG, Le: LR, Ri: MR If you can get this baby up to 88, who knows what it will do!
Meteor Semi Tractor 5L 123 Fr: Ram FT, Le: MR, Ri MR A surprisingly deadly melee vehicle
Mongoose Voyager 3.2L 116 Fr: RL GG A versatile interceptor/fighter that performs well in broken terrain in the Badlands region
Mutant Bomber Pickup 2.0L 142 Fr: CGL PG, Le: GG, Ri: GG 2 An offroad pursuit/spoiler vehicle
Mutant Maelstrom Pickup 2.0L 136 Fr: CGL x2, Le: MG, Ri: MG 2 A cousin to the tried and tested Mutant Marauder these off-road vehicles often operate in a support role
Mutant Marauder Pickup 2.0L 160 Fr: RL x2, Le: MG, Ri: MG 2 A fighter vehicle favoured by desert scum and mutants
Mutant Masher Pickup 2.0L 136 Fr: MML x2, Le: MG, Ri: MG 2 A common wilderness fighter favoured by mutants
Mutant Mauler Pickup 2.0L 148 Fr: CGL RL, Le: MG, Ri: MG 2 A cousin to the tried and tested Mutant Marauder these off-road vehicles often operate in a support role
Mutant Merc Mercenary 3.2L 165 Fr: ATG MG A heavy-hitting midsize car
Mutant Mulcher Pickup 3.2L 148 Fr: ReRam PS, Le: GG, Ri: GG 2 Light, fast, and designed to take down even the biggest guns with minimal cost, this ramming pickup works best when fighting alongside its cousins the Marauder and Masher
Mutant Rancher Pickup 3.2L 143 Fr: VSG CR, Le: MML, Ri: MML 2 A versatile offroad attack vehicle
Nailgun Cadrona 1.0L 83 Fr: CR A smallsized sniper
Overture Symphony 2.0L 132 Fr: HR RL, Le: HR, Ri: HR, Re: HR x2 Bristling with rockets, this is a mean adversary
Pegasus Phoenix 3.2L V8 131 Fr: CR RL A fast intercepter armed with longer range weapons
Poltergeist Spirit 2.0L 153 Fr: HMG RL, Re: MG x2 2 A tough, versatile desert fighter
Pulveriser Apache 3.2L V8 208 Fr: ReRam HF, Le: HR, Ri: HR A terrifying melee vehicle
Punisher Apache 4L 228 Fr: CR x2, Re: RL A premium desert fighter
Purple Haze Motorhome 5L 243 Fr: ATG Ram, Le: MR FT, Ri: MR FT, Re: HMG A dangerous battle-wagon
Quickdraw Big Pickup 3.2L V8 225 Fr: CC PG, Le: HR, Ri: HR 2 A powerful offroad pursuit runner
Radon Rancher Bullet 3.2L V8 205 Fr: Heavy Laser Spikes An ultra-rare premium interceptor
Razorback Spirit 2.0L 141 Fr: HGG MG, Le: HR, Ri: HR, Re: MR x2 2 A close-up melee vehicle favoured by mutant and cannibal gangs
Rocket Man Alpha 1.0L 83 Fr: MML HRR A small car punching above its weight
Rocky Raccoon 1.0L 83 Fr: MMG, Le: MR, Ri: MR A small but nasty wilderness fighter
Scorpion Sunrise 2.0L 124 Fr: RL x2, Le: LR, Ri: LR 2 A useful dogfighter.
Sir Rocket Chevalier 2.0L 120 Fr: RL x2, Re: LR, Le: LR 2 Don`t take a joust with this knight lightly!
Smash & Burn Wurzel 4L 234 Fr: NG HMG Re: GG An offroad melee vehicle
Squire Chevalier 2.0L 126 Fr: MML x2, Le: MG, Ri: MG A midsize combat vehicle with rockets
Stingray Moray 3.2L V8 115 Fr: RL MML 2 A rare and speedy interceptor packing rockets
Tempest Stormer 3.2L V8 126 Fr: RL GG A rare interceptor
Texan Rattler Vampire 4L 100 Fr: MML x2 A popular interceptor with twin missile launchers
Texan Strongarm Carrier Van 3.2L V8 178 Fr: CC HMG, Re: HMG Feared in the southern deserts
The Grimm Corghette 4L 113 Fr: HGG A rare wilderness chaser with a big bite
Thresher Flail 3.2L V8 292 Fr: Laser x2, Le: MR, Ri: MR A rare wilderness interceptor with twin lasers
Trebuchet Apache 4L 224 Fr: HMG CGL, Le: LR, Ri: MR, Re: RL A hybrid melee/ballistic fighter
Wardance Buccaneer 3.2L V8 115 Fr: RL MML 2 A premium interceptor
Wild Hunter Pike 4L 132 Fr: HCR A rare interceptor favoured by bounty hunters
Calliope Symphony 2L rotary 121 Fr: MML x2, Ri: MML, Le: MML Light 3 seater support fighter
Pug Ugly Big Pickup 3.2L V8 215 Fr: RL MMG, Ri: RL, Le: RL, Verstile flanker and chaser
Caine Mercenary 3.2L 169 Fr: CR ATG Mean Merc
Redliner Landrunner 3.2L V8 228 Fr: HMG x2, Re: MD Fast and heavy hitting
Honeygrate Windsor II 3.2L 156 Fr: HGG MMG Nasty
Targeteer Windsor II 3.2L V8 142 Fr: MMG x2, Medium Fighter
Eat THIS! Royal Eaton 2L 106 Fr: RL MML classy w/ an explosive touch
Rampire Vampire 4L 114 Fr: MG ReRam A fast rammer
Rattlesnake Phoenix 3.2L 118 Fr: GG MMG Medium interceptor
Tempest Windsor II 3.2L V8 142 Fr: MMG x2, Medium Interceptor
Merciless Buccaneer 3.2L V8 146 Fr: ATG MR Don’t let it catch you…
Buzz Saw Phoenix 3.2L 261 Fr: GG x2, Fast Interceptor
Deconstructor Landrunner 3.2L V8 245 Fr: ReRam, Ri: RL, Le: RL Direct-engagement war machine
Gonzo Mercenary 3.2L V8 121 Fr: MMG x2 Merc Fighter
Freedom Song Marley 1.6L 82 Fr: MMG, Ri: LR, Le: LR Combat Compact
Mutant Pyro Pickup 2L rotary 161 Fr: NG RL, Ri: GG, Le: GG Napalm Ute
Karbantos Windsor II 3.2L 152 Fr: MMG RL, Re: LR Celtic Chariot
Vengeance Apache 4L 254 Fr: ATG HGG Combat Apache
Mutant Monster Pickup 2L rotary 160 Fr: MMG RL, Ri: GG, Le: GG Combat Ute
Erik Apache 4L 219 Fr: RL MG, Re: CR
Gaesatae Windsor II 3.2L V8 143 Fr: MG CR Windsor sniper
The Monarch Windsor II 3L rotary 179 Fr: CC Uncommon Windy II
Desperado Moray 3.2L V8 106 Fr: MG x2, Moray with a punch
Hobelar Flash 2L 69 Fr: MG x2 A light interceptor
Contender Moose 2.5L 159 Fr: ATG GG
Sun Spot Sunrise 4L 118 Fr: GG x2 An in-your face dogfighter
Hammer Mercenary 2L rotary 121 Fr: MMG x2 Tough, quick and heavily armed
Black Pool Landrunner 3.2L 214 Fr: RL CR, Ri: MG, Le: MG A tough fighter from the coast
Dragonslayer Apache 4L 247 Fr: CC MMG Packs a punch
The Dog Apache 4L 226 Fr: RL x2, Re: MMG A dangerous combatant
Super Chaser Phoenix 4L 108 Fr: MRP MMG Fast Interceptor
Chipper Phoenix 3.2L 261 Fr: GG x2 Twin gat Pho
Pine Nut Moose 2.5L 118 Fr: GG CGL Support Fighter
Sidewinder Mercenary 2.5L 126 Fr: MMG RL, Ri: MR, Le: MR Tough desert fighter
Freestyle Mercenary 3.2L 125 Fr: HMG MMG
The Wall Apache 4L 214 Fr: HFT ReRam, Ri: PS, Le: PS, Re: HR LR Fully functional ram vehicle
Old Timer Windsor 3.2L V8 154 Fr: GG RL, Re: HR A Windsor I with good bite.
Punch Up Phoenix 4L 126 Fr: ReRam MMG, Ri: MR, Le: MR Fast Rammer with Machine Gun
Savage Swede Moray 3.2L v8 121 Fr: GG HMG Fast and dangerous
Relentless Apache 4L 224 Fr: HGG RL, Re: LR, Ri: MR, Le: MR A tough cookie
Marauder Apache 4L 228 Fr: HMG MG, Re: CR MG Rough and tough
Black Stuff Landrunner 3.2L v8 241 Fr: HMG MMG, Ri: VSG, Le: VSG Keep it on the Black Stuff
Skeggox Chomper 2.5L 176 Fr: RL CR, Re: GG Northern Desert Fighter
Huntsman Pike 4L 111 Fr: MMG x2 A southern desert interceptor
Rattle Trap Sonic 1.2L 94 Fr: GG Light Fighter
The Shank Pike 3.2L V8 132 Fr: HRR x2 Ri: MRR Le: MRR Re: MRP x2 Holy Heavy Rockets!!!!
Stalker Flail 3.2L V8 169 Fr: RL x2 Fast and Deadly
Panther Bullet 4L 100 Fr: MMG MRP An excellent trader hunter
Overwatch Osprey 3.2L V8 142 Fr: RL x2 Fast Fighting Osprey
Wimpy Phoenix 2L Rotary 175 Fr: CC Ri: LMG Le: LMG Fighter with knockout punch!
Can Opener Landrunner 3L Rotary 268 Fr: HMG CC Bad News on a stick

Wilderness Trader Vehicles[edit]

It’s not easy making a living trading between the towns of Evan. Take a look at the standard vehicles that are used by the traders.

Vehicle Chassis Engine Combat Rating Weapons Occupants | Comments
All Stops Bus 5L 261 Fr: GG x2, Ri: RL x2, Le: RL x2, Re: HMG x2 ? A rare, heavy trader vehicle
Arbalest Box Van 3.2L V8 182 Fr: ReRam, Ri: PS, Le: PS, Re: MM, HGG ? A tough trader vehicle, rarely seen north of Badlands
Estate Trader Estate 1.8L 116 Fr: MMG, Re: RL x2 A cheap trader vehicle
Mutant Runner Mercenary 1.6L 144 Re: CGL, HMG Ri: MG, Le: MG A fairly common trader escort vehicle
Texan Tanker Tanker 8L 278 Fr: ReRam HFT, Ri: HFT RL, Le: HFT RL, Re: HMG Rippling with flames and dripping with oil..
Trader Lorry Two-Axle Lorry 8L 117 Fr: MG, Le: MG, Ri: MG, Re: HMG, CGL A common trader lorry
Trader Pickup Pickup 2.0L 100 Fr: RL Le: MG, Ri: MG A small well-armed trading vehicle
Trade Runner Phoenix 2.0L 131 Re: HMG x2 2 A fairly common trader escort vehicle
Trader Van Carrier Van 3.2L 70 Fr: MG, Re: MG, MD A basic trading vehicle
Texan Boxvan Box Van 5L 133 Fr: MMG ReRam, Re: FOJ, MD A tough trader from Texan
Immoliator Chomper 2.5L 164 Re: NG x2 Trader Support
Moth Windsor 3.2L 133 Re: MMG x2 A trader escort
Nailer Cadrona 1L 76 Fr: MG, Re: SD A light trader escort
Obsidious Landrunner 3.2L 70 Fr: MG x2, Re: CGL x2 Landrunner Escort
Refrain Landrunner 3L rotary 236 Fr: MG MMG, Re: NG x2 Landrunner Escort
Land Bruiser Landrunner 3.2L V8 240 Fr: GG x2, Re: NG x2 Napalm Landy
Flaming River Two Axle Lorry 8L 214 Fr: Plow Ram HSS, Le: MR HMG, Ri: MR HMG Re: HFOJ, HMG Heavy Hauler
Ape Escape Apache 4L 215 Fr: MR, Le: LR, Ri: LR, Re: HMG x2 Apache with rear HMGs
Crematorium Hearse 3L rotary 195 Fr: GG x2, Re: NG x2 Napalm Wagon
Bodyguard Mercenary 3.2L 131 Fr: MG, Re: MMG x2 Trader Escort
Southland Rentals Apache 3.2L V8 251 Fr: Spikes, Re: CC, NG Trader Escort
Rusty Ed Motorhome 3.2L V8 191 Fr: HGG MMG Re: CGL, NG Ballistics platform


As seen around the various racing circuits of Evan

Vehicle Chassis Engine Combat Rating Rollcage Occupants Comments
Racing Alpha Alpha 1.2L 32 2 Little car with a big engine.
Racing Buggy Offroad Buggy 1L 43 1 A cheap offroader, can be great fun to race
Racing Chevalier Chevalier 3.2L 32 2 A midrange road car kitted out with a racing engine
Racing Moose Moose 3.2L V8 32 2 A midrange road car kitted out with a racing engine
Racing Symphony Symphony 3.2L 50 2 A souped-up road car, somewhat heavy in cornering, well armoured
Sporty Van Carrier Van 4L 42 2 Not really intended as a racing vehicle, can be good for a laugh
Standard Alpha Alpha 1L 39 2 Entry-level road-car, handles surprisingly well
Sunbeam Sunrise 3.2L 32 2 A good 3.2 Litre racer
TurboLandrunner Landrunner 4L 99 2 A solid racing vehicle with plenty of armour
Vampire Vampire 5L V8 48 2 A sporty racing vehicle
Vintage Eaton Royal Eaton 7L 29 2 Very fast and with great road-handling
Voyager1 Voyager 4L 30 2 A decent racing vehicle with a 4L engine and A grade armour
Pickup Pickup 2L 34 2 A standard 2 litre workhorse
DeVille DeVille 8L 23 2 A super-fast premium race-car
Marley Marley 1.6L 32 2 A nippy little racing machine
Marley 1L Marley 1L 32 2 A surprisingly lively little machine
Colt Bullet 4L 30 2 A solid 4L racer
Colt 5 Bullet 5L 30 2 A solid 5L racer
Racing Dustup Dustup 1.8L 36 2 A nippy little off-road racer
Mercenary V8 Mercenary 3.2L V8 35 2 A souped up road car, heavy but powerful
Racing Tractor Semi Tractor 8L 31 2 Do you really want to go out on the racetrack in an 8L tractor?
Flashracer Flash 3.2L 26 2 A minisize muscle racer
Nitro Buccaneer Buccaneer 5L 43 2 Tank up this sea dog with post-apocalyptic rum and see how she burns
Speed Runner Roadrunner 5L 42 2 meep meep!
Moray Moray 5L V8 35 2 A premium racing vehicle with v8 engine and grade A armour
Turin Turin 8L 41 2 A highly rated race car with massive acceleration
Osprey Osprey 7L 39 2 A fast racer with exposed 7L engine
Running Brave Apache 3.2L V8 76 2 SUV racing at its best
Racing Cadrona Cadrona 1.6L 37 2 Little Car, Big Engine
Dragster Hotrod 3L rotary 39 2 Great straight line speed
Typhoon Stormer 3.2L V8 42 2 A whirlwind of a racer
Racing Racoon Racoon 1L 32 2 Racing on a budget
Old Speeder fiftyseven 4L 77 2 A timeless classic
Seminal Wind Cougar 7L V12 64 2 Faster than you’ll ever need to go
Project P12 McKenzie 4L 26 2 A premium racer

Death Racers[edit]

All the powerful deathracers that can be seen regularly on Evan’s circuits

Vehicle Chassis Engine Combat Rating Weapons Occupants Comments
Asp Vampire 5L V8 50 Fr: MG A great deathracing car, this one is very fast with a front-mounted machine gun
Ice Tea Pickup 2L rotary 137 Fr: CR RL Careful you don`t get iced...
Asp II Vampire 4L 43 Fr: MG, Re: OJ A hybrid fighting/racing car, with a good turn of speed, armed with machine gun and oil jet
Boxer Box Van 4L 146 Fr: MGx2, Re: CC, FOJ Win the race by pounding the opposition with machine guns and cannons
Cruncher Pickup 2.0L 52 Fr: MG A basic 2 litre pickup with front mounted MG
Death Cadrona Cadrona 1.6L 63 Fr: MMG A popular deathracer with decent bite
Deathflash Flash 2.0L 60 Fr: MG, Re: MD A popular undersized deathracer with MG and mines
Deathmarley Marley 1.6L 42 Fr: MG A speedy deathracing machine for lower-engine size events
Deathmarley II Marley 1.6L 50 Fr: MG A 1.6L Deathracer with attitude
Deathmarley III Marley 1.0L 57 Fr: MG, Re: MG A 1L Deathracer with 2 machine guns
Hotshot Symphony 2.0L 83 Fr: RL, Le: FT, Ri: FT Burn up the opposition with left and right mounted flamethrowers and front mounted rocket launcher!
Macho Van Carrier Van 3.2L 107 Fr: HMG / Spikes, Le: FT, Ri: FT, Re: HMG / MD A mean deathracing vehicle, more death than race!
Pitbull Symphony 2.0L 79 Fr: HMG, Spikes This one is heavy and mean, with front mounted heavy machine gun and spikes
Porcupine Symphony 3.2L 67 Fr: MG, Re: SD, MD Front mounted machine-gun, rear mounted spike and mine droppers: watch out for its bristles!
Rising Sun Sunrise 4L 124 Fr: Laser, Re: SS, Le: MiniR, Ri: MiniR A premium deathracing vehicle with lasers, smokescreen and rockets
Rocketsonic Sonic 1L 73 Fr: LR, MiniR, Re: RB 1 A speedy deathracer
Solar Flare Sunrise 4L 74 Front: RL, MML 1 A fast and deadly deathracer with rockets
Stinger Offroad Buggy 0.6L 46 Fr: MG, Re: LR Good for toe-to-toe deathracing
Sunburn Sunrise 5L V8 93 Fr: HR, Spikes, Re: RB A rocket boosted deathracer
Terrier Alpha 1.2L 78 Fr: HMG A little car with a big bite! Front mounted heavy machine gun and outsized engine
Vulcan Windsor 3.2L V8 123 Fr: HCR, Re: GG A tough deathracer with plenty of firepower
Yorkie Alpha 1.0L 55 Fr: MML, Re: MG A nippy little deathracer, custom made for 1 litre events
Flame Runner Roadrunner 3.2L V8 68 Le: FT, Re: FT This one is hot to handle, fast, sporty and spouting flames
Nosferatu Vampire 3.2L V8 106 Fr: ReRam, MR Re: RB A fast and deadly deathracer
Hornet Offroad Buggy 1L 44 FR: MG Offroad deathracing on a budget
Death Moray Moray 3.2L V8 84 Fr: RL, MML A fast deathracer packing rockets
Hunter Pike 4L 96 Fr: HCR A popular deathracer with good speed and a wicked punch
Deathbringer Chomper 2.5L 109 Fr: RL x2 A pacey small-sized 4x4 packed with rockets
Flaming Moose Moose 2.5L 55 Fr: FT, Re: PS, Le: FT A fiery deathracer with flamethrowers and paint spray
Spiker Semi Tractor 7L 55 Fr: Spikes, Re: SD Bring tha love with this spikey tractor!
Snubnose Pike 5L 92 Fr: ReRam, HGG A powerful and destructive deathracer
Sunset Sunrise 4L 67 Fr: MMG, Re: SD A powerful deathracing muscle car
Fiery Phoenix Phoenix 3.2L V8 60 Fr: FT, Re: FOJ A popular deathracer with fiery weapons
Sapphire Bullet 4L 104 Fr: ATG A deadly deathracer packing ferocious frontal weaponry
Haymaker Wurzel 4L 151 FR: MMG, Re: FOJ MG For all your agricultural racing needs
Bump n Bruise Symphony 2L 42 Fr: Spikes, Re: SD A deathracer without guns
Dodge `Em Phoenix 4L 52 Fr: MoRam x2 Used for brutal demolition-derby events
Rod Wraith Hotrod 2L rotary 102 Fr: GG, MML Hard to beat and likes to eat
Bond DeVille 3L rotary 91 Fr: RL, MML Exotic styling - packs a punch
Marty McFly 3.2L V8 120 Fr: MMG MML, Le: MRP, Ri: MRP Guns, speed and style
faqir Voyager 3.2L 60 Fr: FT, Re: MG A popular deathracer
Flashfire Flash 3.2L 52 Re: FOJ A fast racer with flaming oil
Copper Buccaneer 3L rotary 119 Fr: GG MML, Re: LR x2, Le: MRP, Ri: MRP Dangerous at any angle
Speedy McKenzie 3L Rotary 72 Fr: MML MR Le: LRR Ri: LRR Re: MR Agile and covered with rockets

Arena Combat[edit]

Combat vehicles that can only be seen in the Arenas of Evan.

Vehicle Chassis Engine Combat Rating Weapons Occupants Comments
Blaster Symphony 2L 53 Fr: MG, Re: MG A combat car built for maximum punch and minimum combat rating
Constrictor Vampire 4L 85 Fr: CR Spikes, Le: LR, Ri: LR Guns, rockets, and a good turn of speed made this a deadly combat vehicle
Da Vinci II Mercenary 2.5L 93 Fr: MG PG, Le: PS, Ri: PS A tactical arena combat vehicle
Death Symphony Symphony 2L 103 Fr: CR, Le: MG, Re: HMG More guns than yo mutha
Desert Stalker Chomper 3.2L 118 Fr: HMG, Re: MG Your typical no-nonsense fighting vehicle: very sturdy, good offroad, and with machine guns mounted
Desert Tank Landrunner 3.2L 183 Fr: ATG, Le: MG, RE: HMG Custom built fighting vehicle
Hearseman Hearse 2.5L 148 Fr: MoRam CGL, Li: FT, Ri: MR, Re: RB x2 A crazy arena combat fighter, popular with the crowds
Silly King Wurzel 3L rotary 262 Fr: ATG MMG, Re: LRR Arena Tractor
Guy Fawkes Offroad Buggy 1.2L 55 Fr: HRR Little car with a big bang
Mistress Big Pickup 3.2L V8 244 Fr: HMG CC Ri: HRR, Le: HFT Arena Fighting Machine
Redskin Apache 4L 138 Fr: HMG RL Ri: MRR, Le: MRR, Re: MG A popular arena combat configuration
caballarius Chevalier 2L rotary 78 Fr: MG x2